Defend the Trend

Defend the Trend: Girls Who Wear Glasses

Mary-Ann Spier from The Babysitter’s Club was the character that I most identified with as a child. She made wearing glasses a glamorous thing. Mary-Ann had two pairs of glasses: she had a blue pair and a pink pair. One were her “reading glasses”, while the others were her “daytime glasses”. I decided that if I was going to be a four-eyed child, I, too, needed two pairs of glasses. Upon our departure from the optometrist, I would insist that my parents take me to the closest LensCrafters   to choose my latest accessories. The idea of buying two pairs of glasses for an irresponsible 6-year-old was laughable to everyone around me (including the salesperson). Well, I wasn’t leaving the store unless I had two pairs.

We left the store with two pairs.

In my high school years, I was reluctant to wear my glasses. Naturally, the pretty and popular girls all had perfect vision and could pile on the eyeshadows and liners sans specs. I was in tenth grade in the height of the coloured contact craze; naturally, I begged my parents to get me some. For about a week, I showed up with honey eyes, purple eyes, blue eyes and an enhancement of my hazel eyes – I really did think I was stunning. Not to mention, I was also able to pile on the make-up like the other girls (I now realize that was a detriment – I was not good at putting on any sort of make-up then). What no one knew was that I woke up an extra hour earlier to be able to get the contacts in my eyes because for the love of God, they did not want to stay in. After that week, I gave up on the vanity of contacts and being able to see. I decided that I wouldn’t wear glasses or contacts – I would just be blind. My vision got worse and I was no longer able to read the chalkboard, thus limiting my ability to take adequate notes. I showed up to my final year of high school with some thick-rimmed Prada glasses and was so pleased with my chic new look. (Within two weeks of getting these new glasses, I was in an awful car accident where I wrote off my beautiful SUV and bent the crap out of my frames). I took them back to the optical store, where they managed to bend them back into a decent shape, and continued my journey as a chic gal with glasses.

My Mom influenced my choice in University glasses. She had a very stylish pair of Face à Face frames that no one else had. I, too, chose a beautiful and unique pair of frames that ended up costing a cool $1000. You’ll be happy to know that I have not bent said glasses and they are now my “at home in my pyjamas” frames.

The last pair of glasses that I purchased were a pair of Wayfarer sunglasses that I insisted they turn into reading glasses. It turns out that everyone in Williamsburg also liked that idea.

So here I am (in the above photo) on a date, wearing my glasses as I always do. I don’t go anywhere without them. I can’t see anything otherwise. My wedding is next month and my fiancé keeps asking me if I am going to wear my glasses to the wedding. I think if they weren’t so obnoxious, I probably would, but to please my Mom and him, I should really get on the hunt for contacts (and learn how to put them in).

Ladies, embrace your unfortunate vision. Have fun choosing tons of frames that express you. Honestly, glasses are one of the most fun accessories. There are people that don’t know who I am if I am not wearing them.

On of my social media pals, Michael, does not recognize me if I’m not wearing my glasses. He also makes a point of exclaiming that my specs are my signature. Check out a post he wrote about a party we went to where he took my glasses and made a When in Rome joke! He looks good in them, huh?

I’ll leave you with this, if you see me on the road and I am not wearing my glasses – for your safety, please stay clear of my vehicle.


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