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Defend the Trend: Girls Who Wear Glasses

Mary-Ann Spier from The Babysitter’s Club was the character that I most identified with as a child. She made wearing glasses a glamorous thing. Mary-Ann had two pairs of glasses: she had a blue pair and a pink pair. One were her “reading glasses”, while the others were her “daytime glasses”. I decided that if I was going to be a four-eyed child, I, too, needed two pairs of glasses. Upon our departure from the optometrist, I would insist that my parents take me to the closest LensCrafters   to choose my latest accessories. The idea of buying two pairs of glasses for an irresponsible 6-year-old was laughable to everyone around me (including the salesperson). Well, I wasn’t leaving the store unless I had two pairs.

We left the store with two pairs.

In my high school years, I was reluctant to wear my glasses. Naturally, the pretty and popular girls all had perfect vision and could pile on the eyeshadows and liners sans specs. I was in tenth grade in the height of the coloured contact craze; naturally, I begged my parents to get me some. For about a week, I showed up with honey eyes, purple eyes, blue eyes and an enhancement of my hazel eyes – I really did think I was stunning. Not to mention, I was also able to pile on the make-up like the other girls (I now realize that was a detriment – I was not good at putting on any sort of make-up then). What no one knew was that I woke up an extra hour earlier to be able to get the contacts in my eyes because for the love of God, they did not want to stay in. After that week, I gave up on the vanity of contacts and being able to see. I decided that I wouldn’t wear glasses or contacts – I would just be blind. My vision got worse and I was no longer able to read the chalkboard, thus limiting my ability to take adequate notes. I showed up to my final year of high school with some thick-rimmed Prada glasses and was so pleased with my chic new look. (Within two weeks of getting these new glasses, I was in an awful car accident where I wrote off my beautiful SUV and bent the crap out of my frames). I took them back to the optical store, where they managed to bend them back into a decent shape, and continued my journey as a chic gal with glasses.

My Mom influenced my choice in University glasses. She had a very stylish pair of Face à Face frames that no one else had. I, too, chose a beautiful and unique pair of frames that ended up costing a cool $1000. You’ll be happy to know that I have not bent said glasses and they are now my “at home in my pyjamas” frames.

The last pair of glasses that I purchased were a pair of Wayfarer sunglasses that I insisted they turn into reading glasses. It turns out that everyone in Williamsburg also liked that idea.

So here I am (in the above photo) on a date, wearing my glasses as I always do. I don’t go anywhere without them. I can’t see anything otherwise. My wedding is next month and my fiancé keeps asking me if I am going to wear my glasses to the wedding. I think if they weren’t so obnoxious, I probably would, but to please my Mom and him, I should really get on the hunt for contacts (and learn how to put them in).

Ladies, embrace your unfortunate vision. Have fun choosing tons of frames that express you. Honestly, glasses are one of the most fun accessories. There are people that don’t know who I am if I am not wearing them.

On of my social media pals, Michael, does not recognize me if I’m not wearing my glasses. He also makes a point of exclaiming that my specs are my signature. Check out a post he wrote about a party we went to where he took my glasses and made a When in Rome joke! He looks good in them, huh?

I’ll leave you with this, if you see me on the road and I am not wearing my glasses – for your safety, please stay clear of my vehicle.


  • Tiffany Jyang

    Nooo!! It wasn’t Mary-Ann Spier, it was Karen Brewer with the pink and blue glasses!

    • Crystal Gibson

      I stand corrected. Thanks for reminding us!

  • Michael Nus

    When in Rome, do as the Gibsons do (not Mel Gibson in Rome. That would be the Passion of the Christ and would be bad…). Congratulations on your wedding next month! You look great with or without your frames!

  • Marily Anne Weddell

    $1000 for a pair of glasses? O_o

    • Samantha Collie

      Yeah that made me pause a moment. Whoa.

  • Liza Baron

    I love my glasses! I wear my contact lenses most of the time for convenience (wearing the glasses too much isn’t great for my skin), but I love the excuse to have an extra accessory. Currently coveting some black-framed glasses like the ones in your photos.

  • Joanna Boese

    You don’t see it in my profile pics, but I have to wear glasses. Yes, they’re an annoyance to my cosplaying, and I had to stop wearing contacts as I had some eye problems that prevented me from wearing them (That’s fortunately gone, but I have had money woes that have prevented me from wearing contacts now.), but really, they’re not much of a problem.

  • Staci Kincaid

    Anyone who loves glasses and feels as though they are an extra accessory to express yourself, needs to discover Zeeni Optical. After the initial hesitation of ordering glasses on line you will be thrilled with the quality and the price! Bring on the accessories!

    • Meghan Plummer

      I’m not ashamed to say that I have about nine pairs of glasses from Zenni, and I just ordered three more pairs (buy two, get one free!). Hey, the max I’ve spent on one pair is $25 and most were $12, so I think I’m allowed. :)

    • Valerie Broussard Boston

      I LOVE ZENNI…buy 2 get one free sale till the 15th!!!

  • Monica Burton

    I love wearing my glasses! I’ve wore glasses since I was 5. Of course back then I felt like a dork. I got my contacts and wore them constantly after eighth grade. When I was 25 I scratched my eye and was told I couldn’t wear my contacts for a week. This presented a problem since I hasnt got new glasses in a decade (what was the point, I only wore contacts). I picked out a pair of black rimmed JLo glasses and loved them! This year when it was time to get my eyes checked, I got a beautiful pair of “geeky” black rimmed Calvin Kleins! I even switched to daily wear contacts because it’s much easier and cheaper now that I almost NEVER wear my contacts! I think Zooey Deschanel in New Girl is the perfect example of an “adorkable” four-eyed girl!! GEEKY SPECTACLED GIRLS UNITE!

  • Anonymous

    Ugh! I totally know wht you mean. I high school I was so afraid to wear them. I didn’t want to get made fun of so I wore my contacts and I too woke up an hour earlier 30 minutes for each eyeball. It wasn’t until recently that I started embracing my glasses. My bf doesn’t mind them and I actually like how studious I look in them. Glasses are a great accessory.

  • Trudy Holtz

    zenni optical is the way to go. i recently got my eyes checked and the optometrist told me my glasses were really nice(in construction too) and they were my $7 pair. For my wedding, I chose a $12 pair that had thin silver frames. looked great.

  • Deirdre Ní Mearthaile

    Awww the Babysitters Club! Just got a major flashback to my youth!!! :)

  • Mary Krajnovich

    I am now 42 and have been destined for four eyes for awhile I think. Getting pregnant at 40 with my 3rd child took me down! Couple that with a penchant for Photoshopping, Facebook and a new jewelry business… well, yes. I finally succumbed to four-eyedom and purchased my first real pair of reading glasses. I am fortunate to be able to see all my wrinkles in HD. Yay me. The upside is I can actually see my jewelry projects… and my children when they sit in my lap. Being able to see the beauty in my children is totally worth the marks on the bridge of my nose. Loved your post!

  • Lidia Alvarez

    Yay, I’ll always wear my glasses. Because if I don’t, I can’t see. Heehe. Im proud of my glasses. They’re a part of me. I’ve considered contacts and might get them one day, but then I feel like I’ll be losing a part of me, hahaha

  • Jaime Hamilton

    I am a life long glasses wearer. I have been through glasses are cool and make you look smart phases, as well as, break your glasses at camp and have to hold them together with tape and look goofier then you already do cuz glasses are ‘so lame’. I am happy to say that I would never go with out them. I wear them to the beach, to water parks, and as a bridemaid. They help define my face! I love my geeky accessories and aspire to have as many pairs as possible.
    In fact I just ordered a pair from that I love for super cheap! ( If you don’t have super bad eyes like me you might be able to get a pair for just the cost of shipping & handling using the code “FirstPairFree” at check out B)

  • Danielle Mercedes Adams

    I love glasses. I did not have to get any until I was 21 but they are my favorite accessory. I currently have 3 pairs not including 2 paid of sunglasses with my prescription. I would never even try contacts my fingers are not going any where near my eyes.
    When I got married I did not wear glasses or contacts. I wanted to but I did not find a cute white pair so I went sightless. My dad walked me down the aisle and my husband walked me the other way back. So I was all good.

  • Kirstin Leih

    I love wearing glasses too! I went through that same phase of not wearing them, even when I needed too. Now that I have a pair or two that I love, my phase seems incomplete without them.

    • Anonymous

      Do some reading up on the piolsbse complications associated with the surgery, and you can pretty much figure it out. Although it’s not a high percentage, some folks experience halos and double vision afterwards. It also increases the likelyhood you will need bifocals later on. Opthamologists make their living using their eyes, and they aren’t likely to take any chances with messing them up. It doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s not a good option for other folks, but it could end their careers- so they stick with glasses. It’s not much different than a singer with a deviated septum electing not to have the nose job because it will change how their voice sounds. For you or I, that’s not a big deal. But when you make your living as an opera star- well, that’s a different story. You aren’t going to do anything you don’t absolutely have to do, because it could mean an end to your career. Opthamologists take pretty much the same view of lasik surgery. Was this answer helpful?

    • Anonymous

      3k5qH1 auetworzqrmx

  • Kirstin Leih

    Or rather face

  • Dawn Tripp

    I grew up with bespectacled parents and used to try on my mom’s glasses when I was little to feel like a grown up instead of her heels. I love glasses! When I was 14 I found out that I needed glasses and I was Thrilled!
    I’ve worn large plastic frames in the 80’s, wirerimmed in the 90’s and early 2000’s, and for a change rimless for 3 years (what a ridiculous idea, I don’t know why I did that LOL) and plastic dark rimmed for the past 6 years which renewed my excitement about wearing glasses. It gives my face personality and brings attention to my eyes in a dramatic way.
    I must admit that when it happens I will be walking down the aisle sans glasses but will be popping them back on to party at my reception.
    Rock on bespectacled beauties! B-)

  • W Daniel Fichtel

    I’m always happy to see a person embrace their need for glasses by making them fun and fashionable. My girlfriend looks great in hers, and while I prefer my contacts I have a pair of frames that I look pretty good in. The only thing that drives me nuts are the people who wear a pair of prescription looking glasses who don’t actually need them. I have two perfectly good legs, and I wouldn’t roll around in a wheelchair. :/

  • Jen AndJeremy Green

    I have gone through the doesn’t-matter-if-I’m-blind-I’m-still-going-to-give-myself-a-chance-to-be-a-normal-teenage-girl-without-glasses phase and had to go back to them. I can’t stand contacts because I’m a little bit phobia-about-putting-things-in=my-eyes-like-Rachel-Greene, so I’ve been wearing my glasses for years now. I took them off at work to clean them and one of my co-workers walked up – didn’t recognize me! But I got married last year, and many, many people asked if I was going to wear my glasses. “Just for the ceremony, take them off.” “You’ll be fine, your eyesight isn’t that bad.” But I didn’t care. I am not me without my glasses. I chose things that I loved, and that still would work with glasses (no veil, loose but curly up-do), and bought a pair of glasses that would specifically match (DKNY black and white frames that I still think are super cute and chic). When I look at my wedding photos now, I am SO happy that I stuck to my true self and didn’t give in to some of the advice I was being given. When I look at our photos, I see us, not people who only looked that way for one day. We’re just fancier in the pics, that’s all.

  • Tone Anette E. Elde

    Hurray for girls and glases 😀

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