Defend the Trend

Defend the Trend: Flats, Flats, Flats

Ballet was my life for many years; unfortunately, I was never able to join a prestigious school because of my weight and of course, my height. I am now a fully grown woman of 5’2″ and have feet that would appall even those with the biggest fetish. The pointe shoes are not the only culprit in this blame game; my infatuation of high-heels began prematurely and has already ended.

Looking back at my years as an undergraduate student, I am so embarrassed by the footwear decisions I made. I’d sacrifice sleep to get dolled up for an 8AM lecture, but the icing on the cake was stumbling around in six-inch heels to get there. In retrospect, I don’t think anyone noticed my attempt at being fashionable and if anyone did it was probably for the purpose of mockery.

During this time, I got myself a part-time job at a shoe store and spent long hours running around the store helping customers. I also spent a lot of time in the back of the store doing less glamorous tasks like climbing up the towering shelves to retrieve various sizes and styles. Needless to say, each time I visit a spa for a pedicure I am met with looks of disgust and a long lecture on the importance of feet.

Herein lies the dilemma: I’ve collected many beautiful pumps over the years and they are now thrown at the back of my closet collecting dust and otherwise forgotten. I refuse to wear them. This past weekend I was forced to wear heels because the dress I’d chosen was too long to wear without them. Driving was a nightmare because I’d forgotten how to properly position my feet on the pedals. My passengers were met with many surprising accelerations and hard braking (I hope I don’t see any lawsuits). Walking to the venue and back to my car was excruciating and all I wanted to do was put on a nice comfy pair of flats (if not my Uggs). For those wondering, I did take off my shoes once in my car and drove all the way home barefoot – it was glorious.

All of this banter is a preface to my defence of the “not-so-sexy” and “boring” flats.

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I am in the midst of building a collection of beautiful flats; my goal is to have a pair for absolutely every outfit and occasion. I have a relatively laid-back dress code at work so if I’m not wearing my Ugg loafers then I’m wearing another form of flat that still looks super cute and trendy. There are the glamazons at the office who insist on wearing stilettos everyday and there are times that I look at them with envy and wish my feet could tolerate the torture however, I digress.

Here are my top three reasons why flats should not be ignored:

#1 – Your feet will thank you: I can take super long walks wearing flats and never complain or start limping around. This is especially great now that the warm weather is here since I can drive less and explore the city more.

#2 – The styles are endless: Have you browsed a shoe store lately? The vast array of flats can be overwhelming (in a good way). There are so many colours and types of flat that caters to any and every foot type. Those styles that offer a super compact way of storing are especially wonderful because keeping in your purse has never been so simple and useful.

#3 – Because contrary to popular belief, you can feel sexy and beautiful in flats: My legs will never be long and perfect and I’m certainly not up for sacrificing practicality anymore for appearances. If you exude confidence, people will notice and it doesn’t come from your footwear.

Last night my sister sent me numerous texts asking what she should and shouldn’t wear…

Yes – we went out on Saturday night, stood beside two super tall women with painful looking shoes at the bar but felt like rockstars because we knew how comfortable we’d be the remainder of the night in our flats!

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