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Defend the Trend: Excess Accessories

As children, my sister and I would wander into my parents’ bedroom and gawk at all the precious pieces in my Mother’s jewelry boxes. We’d layer on costume bracelets mixed with the high-priced stuff and parade around the house like we were the most glamorous girls around. Interestingly enough, my Mom never layered her jewels, rather she chose the minimalist route. Naturally I wonder why I chose to load on the accessories considering my idol wore little to none. In later years, I’d get dressed up to go to parties and my Mom would march me back into my room and insist I take off the “gimmicky” friendship bracelets and wear something more elegant. What I don’t think my Mom took into account was the fact that I was a child. Not much has changed for me; I still wear layers upon layers of accessories in which I choose to defend.

Image via Links of London

Links of London has brought back the very thing my Mother despised: the friendship bracelet. As you get older, however, the price of said friendship bracelet increases significantly. Money aside, this style of bracelet is everywhere and stacking them is so addictive. Last week I defended colour-blocking and accessories are no exception to this trend. If you’re afraid to add too much colour to the main aspects of your outfit, you can pop the colour with multiple hued accessories.

Image via Aimee Song 

Aimee Song’s Instagram is a place to go for accessory inspiration almost everyday. She is not afraid to load the bracelets on both of her wrists and it never seems to be too much.

Image via Aimee Song

A mix of fun, colourful bracelets mixed with the spiky, punky bracelet makes for a fun and incredibly different look. With Spring on the way, (up North in Canada) we’ll finally be able to rid ourselves of sweaters and anything long sleeves: making way for tee-shirts and tanks. Exposing wrists and more arm than we’re used to from winter makes for a perfect opportunity to spoil this body part with lots and lots of accessories.

Another place worthy of accessorizing in excess is the neck however, layering necklaces can be tough to pull off. If you’re already starting with a necklace that has multiple strands, it’s usually the only neck piece that you need. Once you begin adding more necklaces the likelihood of them becoming a tangled mess is very high. Instead, focus on another area to stack the jewels.

Image via Fashion Canal

The necklace above cheats its way into looking like a perfectly layered accessory, which avoids you having to fuss with making many necklaces work and likely costs less. Here’s how you make it work on your own: find three (I’d say that’s a good number) necklaces all different lengths and consider a theme: let’s go with nautical.

Image via Bad Joan

Ripping a page out of RiRi’s stylebook, she layers her nautical necklaces quite well. The different lengths of the necklaces give the look depth as well as separate the various aspects (including charms).

I’m all about breaking the accessory rules, there are simply too many fantastic pieces not to play with and combine. You be the judge of what looks great and what doesn’t. Wear whatever you want whenever you want. If it’s the middle of the day and you’re inclined to wear tons of sparkle, do it. If you’re off to an evening affair wearing a super glam dress but you want to wear a neon wrap bracelet, do it! I completely ignore anything my Mom used to do. To this day she looks at me with disdain when I show up with layers and layers of accessories; she’ll never get it.

Have fun with accessories, especially this Spring where colour is celebrated more than ever!


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