Defend the Trend

Defend the Trend: Color-Blocking

I spent the majority of my spring/summer wardrobe money on anything with color. Not once did I consider what I would pair items with; rather, I trusted the ubiquity of color-blocking on the runway to be my guide.

Don’t assume those who appreciate runway also appreciate street style.

I’ve scoured every photo database I have for a photo of me wearing yellow, green and brown. I’ve likely deleted it because the day I wore said outfit, I was tormented. The first insult came when I walked into the office: one of my coworkers loudly hissed that someone should turn off the lights. I’m not one to have quick retorts or respond well to being insulted. As a result, I turned bright red and scurried to my desk. Later that day, I had someone approach me and snicker while asking me which Ninja Turtle I was pretending to be. Granted, I was sporting ninja turtle colours but anyone who knows me is aware that I would not purposely dress like a cartoon character (not that there is anything wrong with that).

With the newfound knowledge that I was a target for humiliation, I was privy in considering which color combinations worked and the ones that would allow for cheap shots.

The above photos are beautiful and they use stereotypical color combinations that would tickle the haters’ fancy. The pastel look warrants the reference to Easter, the second offers the Halloween-esque jokes, then there is the lovely Tay Swift sporting the very popular ‘bumble-bee’ look and lastly, the Christmas color combination. While I understand that specific colors are sometimes a reminder of special occasions, this doesn’t mean you have to poke fun at someone wearing said color combination.

I’d like to offer some ideas I have on how/why color-blocking is a fantastic trend in hopes that you will try it yourself.

1. You have an excuse to buy awesome accessories – I decided to buy a fantastic bag in mimosa. No, this isn’t because mimosas are my favorite drink but because the bright yellow color is complimentary to more colors than you’d imagine. Bags aren’t the only color-blocking accessory – bracelets, shoes, earrings, scarves and nail polish are all the perfect compliment to your style.

2. It’s fun! – You’re right, wearing black from head to toe is classic and sophisticated, but you wouldn’t believe how frivolous it is to wear a variety of complimentary colors.

Image via Eyecessorize

Voilà! An illustrated guide to spring colors and color-blocking. I don’t recall where I first heard the rule of color combinations; however, it goes something like this: “Any color combination that can be reflected on a part of nature means that it is, indeed, complimentary.” An eggplant has green and aubergine, an apple can have greens, reds and yellows and a pineapple is all about the greens and yellows. Alas, it may be the case that my co-workers will never understand the color-block trend but if Gucci, Dolce and Proenza say it’s okay – I’m cool with that.


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