Defend the Trend

Defend the Trend: Barefaced Beauty

There is much to be said about the weather being hotter in Toronto/NY than Los Angeles – and quite frankly, it is messing up the summer style I’m used to.

It is hot: it is so hot that I find myself struggling everyday choosing work outfits; how little can I wear without looking super unprofessional? It’s so hot that no matter how early I get up to do an outdoor run, I still can’t tolerate it. It’s so hot that – please just trust me that it is really hot.

If I’m wearing any makeup at all these days it results in a heatwave casualty and I’m just not into it.

These days I’ve skipped the makeup regime all together and opted to go bare-faced and hope I don’t scare anyone away – no fatalities so far. Yes, I’m going to call this a trend, in fact I’m almost tempted to call the “no makeup-look” a movement.

Here they are, your reasons not to wear makeup:

1. Your skin will stay beautiful:

My Mom has the most beautiful skin. When anyone tries to guess her age, they’re almost always wrong. She has her South American/strict mother upbringing to thank for this because she didn’t put on a touch of makeup until her wedding day.

2. You can sleep in longer:

The more shuteye I get, the happier I am. Even if your beauty routine is five minutes long, that’s an extra few minutes you have to snuggle in bed before getting the day started. Looking at it from another perspective is the ability to get to bed quicker. Imagine not having to take off all your makeup at the end of the day?

3. Your face will melt otherwise:

Ugh – I tried to Google a picture to associate with this but ended up scaring myself. Don’t Google face melt. Anyway, there is nothing attractive about makeup running down your face, ever. Skip the makeup and just go fresh-faced. You’re beautiful.

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