Defend the Trend

Defend the Trend: All Neon, Everything

Looking like you are purposefully dressing to suit the ’80s is where I draw the line with neon. Transitioning from the muted pastels of spring to the extremes of neon for summer has not been the easiest thing for me. While I love looking at the super bright displays in shop windows, I cannot help feeling super shy about walking out in bold neon – that isn’t to say that it isn’t the coolest trend to come back!


I bought my beloved Cambridge Satchel (above) at the end of winter and was more than delighted to start wearing it as a transition piece. I started wearing it on the weekends and noticed a lot more points and whispers as I walked by. I’m not one to be offended by strangers’ reactions to my choice in clothing so I happily continued on my way. I wore the bag to work one morning and spent the remainder of the day defending why I bought such a bright accessory. Indeed, the majority of mockery came from male co-workers who generally don’t get anything I wear anyway but I wondered why people bother saying anything at all unless it’s a compliment.

I subsequently wore more neon as the season progressed; things like a neon pink skirt, neon blue shoes, hi-lighter yellow pants and neon green socks were all included in my daily wardrobe.

Here are a collection of comments I received from people (about neon):

“(Uncontrollable laugh) Did your husband buy that for you as a replacement for a leash? Now that you’re married, he shouldn’t lose sight of you.”

“Could that bag get ANY brighter?”

“Is that color necessary, it’s actually hurting my eyes.”

“Wow, you must really like pink.”

“I’m not sure I understand why you’re wearing those socks?”

“Yeesh! OMG! (Looks away) Crystal, why would you buy this bag in that color?” – my mom, whom I forgive because she just doesn’t get it

I’m the worst at trying to laugh off mean comments, instead I run home and frantically reevaluate what I’ve chosen as wardrobe pieces. Eventually I calm myself down and remind myself why I’m drawn to a particular trend to begin with and I usually feel a bit better.

Are you a neon-wearer? What’s your favourite way to rock the trend? Send me photos via Twitter; I love to see other people’s interpretations!


  • Beatrice Stable

    I’m all over the neon trend! I’m mostly in to the neon yellows: neon yellow heeled oxfords from Cole Haan, neon yellow mix-print Marc Jacobs quilted bag, several neon yellow, green and orange tops, neon pink and yellow skinny belts, amongst others. I think the key is toning the look down with muted colors like you have with your neon pink satchel and camel colored jacket. My male coworkers are constantly giving me a hard time about my steez, but they’re boys and just don’t get it. After all, we gals dress mostly for ourselves and, well, other girls, don’t we?

    • Beatrice Stable

      Also wanted to add that pastels are still on trend for summer. Paired with neons it creates a pretty cool look. I have a pastel yellow dress that I wear with my neon green sandals and it looks rad =)

  • Jackie Johnson

    I love the neon trend! GAP has a ton of tees and shorts/pants in bright neon shades this season girl…

  • June Vanisa

    Love love love the neon trend. What’s the point of caring about what you’re going to wear if no one’s going to look?

  • Madeleine Rose Carroll

    I think the most important part about this Neon trend is to keep it to your accessories and minimal parts of your look. I think clothing can really make it look 80’s, and too fussy and trendy looking can just look stupid and tacky (such as the jeffrey campbell lita’s and the lensless glasses pictured at the top). The cambridge satchels look great because they are a classic and simple bag shape. Neon looks best paired with muted monochromes like grey or white. Also can work with light pastels (neon yellow and lavender work really well, as do neon orange and pale blue). Most important thing is just keep it simple and classic!

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