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Decorating With Rope

I love decorating with rustic materials (cue link to DIY burlap upholstered chairs) and rope totally ties into that… ha, get it, ties? Okay, let’s not get tangled in the silly stuff – the point is, rope is an easy and accessible item to use in interior decorating. Just visit your local hardware store and pick up a nice bundle for on-the-cheap! Rope doesn’t always have to look nautical; choose a darker, coarser rope to get away from the sea-faring look but if nautical is what you want, get a lighter colored cotton rope.

All of these photos demonstrate how versatile rope can be in your interior decor projects. You can use rope functionally, ex: holding up beds, mirrors, as a banister, etc. and also decoratively, ex: coiled around a pedestal table or simply tucked in a clear glass fishbowl… Love!

Let me know if you have any rope decor ideas of your own!

Images via:, homeinterior-tips,,,,, katiebrownblog, theshabbycreekcottage, changeofsceneries,, materialgirlsblog, remodelista


  • Rebeccah Lee

    I like using rope to keep hand towels on the O ring that they hang on. I just drape the towel over the hanger and tie the rope around it to keep it put. If I have them on hand, I tuck a big (fake) flower in the front for extra decoration, too! I wrap pasta sauce jars (for change usually) in hemp, too so they don’t look ghetto and you can’t tell what’s inside them from just looking @ them. Did I mention rope to tie the curtains back? Clearly I love it, too!

    • Mr Kate

      wow! so many great ideas! go you and your rope! thanks for commenting ; ) – kate

  • Melissa K. Nodurft

    Rope is also great for tying up hostages and restraining small woodland creatures. That’s a joke.

    • Mr Kate

      haaa! totally. : )

    • Amy Wallace

      *starts taking notes* …oh? A joke? Okay, I guess I’ll put this away then…

  • Anonymous

    i love the rope lighting fixture…dyying for it!

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