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You need to see the adorable house Debbie Reynolds grew up in

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One of 2016’s final victims was the beloved Carrie Fisher and her mother, Debbie Reynolds. Fisher had suffered from cardiac arrest on Friday, December 23rd, and past away December 27th. Her mother, Debbie Reynolds, passed away just a day after her from an alleged stroke. Our hearts will forever be with these two legends.

But before either actress made their way into Hollywood and our hearts, Debbie Reynolds was Mary Frances Reynolds living in suburban Burbank, California. It wasn’t until she became “Miss Burbank” that she caught the attention of Warner Bros. and quickly became a star.

As it turns out, Reynolds’ childhood home was up for sale recently, selling for $749,000, so there are a TON of new photos of the legendary late actress’s childhood house circulating through the internet.

Check out some photos of the adorable house:

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