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Dear Mac,

Dear Mac,

I’m apprehensive to write this letter to you, because I know a lot of people like you, but I’ve never been one to steer clear of thought or feeling due to the feeling or thought of others. This is my opinion of you and our relationship.

I’m not too keen on you and I being together, but I’m willing to give it a try if you are. I realize you’re complicated, and usually I don’t mind that. However, I’ve been in a relationship with this guy, PC, for most of my life, so moving onto you has been a trip. He was a lot more simple than you are. He malfunctioned more often, sure, but who doesn’t suffer from a little to and fro every now and then.

We need to get past these moments in our relationships to succeed in them.

It isn’t an easy move to you from him. Sometimes it takes three pushes just to move to point A with you and I’m not always sure I want to invest time with that. You’re a challenge to save, that’s for sure. Sometimes, I’m not even sure if you want me to save you. If only you could just say the words, and I’d be there. I’m not lazy, I’m just inexperienced. You’re a new challenge, and I’m up for new challenges in my professional life; I’m just not so sure I need another in my personal life.

I’ve decided, however, that we have to try this, you and I. We must. I think people are depending on us to get along. I want to get along with you. I know we’re just going through a rough time. Our honeymoon phase is more like a zip, drive and jump away from failure. It’s not a typical beginning with us. That being said, I might not always know how to command you into action, but I’ll keeping pushing your buttons until I do. I know it’s what you prefer.

I have to be honest with you and tell you that I am apprehensive about our relationship. I know there will be rainbow pinwheels of doom in the sky of our love that will try to slow us down. As long as you’re willing to stay strong, I’ll keep trying.

I expect you to try back though. I hope you can make things easier for me in the future. It will, ultimately, make things easier for us if you do. For now, I think we should just carry on and hope to make it to Valentine’s Day as to discontinue this cycle of abuse in our relationship.

I’ll try to remember to disable the cookie function, that I’m still not sure you have, as to prevent you from gaining weight from the stress you surely must feel about our angry bond. Should I disable the cookie function, if you have it? Do you prefer to be a little softer? I might prefer you that way…softer. Your hard drive is hard to navigate. Tell me, where did you put my cat.gif’s? More over, I promise, this Valentine’s Day, to empty the recycle bin of our mismatched files so we can start anew. I only hope you can promise these same intentions in return.

I’ll be playing with you soon. Please don’t playback. I’m not sure I like that feature. I’m not even sure that’s an option.

Save me some space,

Julia Rose.

Julia Flaherty is a Media Communication and French student at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. She is a blogger, writer, film admirer, aspiring traveler and fashion lover. Find her on Twitter, here.

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  • Virginia Champoux

    Right click …… Why does Mac not have Right-Click? And what the heck am I supposed to do instead? And while we are at it, Mac, what’s up with the Command AND the Control keys? I mean, when do you want me to use one or the other? And yes, PC was finneky and required a Ctrl-ALt-Del spanking once in a while, but the Apple icon? Not nearly as satisfying!

    • Hannah Woodson

      Mac’s do have right click. It’s a multitouch pad. You click using two fingers. You also scroll with two fingers, pinch with three to zoom, swipe with four to go between screens and a bunch more options. You can google the full list. I always hate it when people say Mac’s cannot right click because if you reading the little insert Start Guide that comes with it, it clearly explains.

  • Courtney Anne

    Nope. I enjoyed my learning process immensely, and I love my Mac. Been forced to use a PC at work for the last six months, and it seems like one person or another’s computer is crashing every week. Our IT people get a LOT of hours in with us. Our company is only about a year and a half old, and the machines were bought brand new for us as we started. So yeah, I love my Mac. It’s been three years of smooth sailing. Very few rainbow pinwheel moments. I will never understand why people continue to use a machine/system that’s so open to attack and so incredibly unreliable. It’s not difficult to learn to use a Mac, and it’s so rewarding.

  • Joella Skoogh

    I was sooo reluctant to get a Mac after being so used to PC. While there’s still some things I haven’t figured out with my Macbook Air, I realized that in many ways Macbook is also so much easier and user-friendly than the PC. And the way everything is completely different from PC really just takes one day to get used to – like the mousepad that seems oh-so-scary at first.

  • Lily Wonka

    (@virginia Champoux)
    clic pad or mouse with 2 fingers, tadaaaaa right clic here it is (any basic google search will explain this, and probably better than me).
    I have to admit the whole command/ctrl key confuses me as well, aren’t those two words sorta synonyms anyway?!

    One thing I can say: becoming PC illiterate actually happens really fast and soon, not only will you get annoyed at how slow this damn PC but also at the fact that none of the super intuitive commands you get with mac aren’t there and all of a sudden you’re like a fish out of water, disabled. Mac played it well giving us non-necessary stuff and making them just so well that you can’t live without it after a week (I’ve tried, I resisted a year before following in my boyfriend’s footsteps and getting a mac as well).

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