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Dear Lizzie

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Dear Lizzie,

We here at The Heatley Cliff are fond admirers of you and your reign. Moreover, after doing some research on our latest podcast on Letter Writing and Correspondence, I have come to admire your role as a pen pal. Many may not know that you are an ardent corresponder. And that for almost twenty years have kept correspondence with your Russian tram operator pen pal. This impressed me to no end because by answering this man’s letters, it shows your ability to be gracious, polite and considerate to anyone who takes the effort to correspond with you. That to me is the markings of a great role model, monarch and lady.

But the real clincher, Lizzie, was the story of 4-year-old  Tom Stancombe who released a red balloon into the air with a note attached to it asking for the person who found his balloon and note to be his pen pal. This little boy thought that it would land in some far off country and never thought that it would touch down at Windsor Castle and that YOU would find it and fulfill his request. And on top of it all, he is a descendant of an artist who was commissioned to do work for your ancestors, AND you have some of his works in your possession!!

It sounds almost like a wonderful children’s book that I want to write. (But let’s be honest, I would modify the story and make myself the main character and you would end up adopting me.)

But in all seriousness, Lizzie I hope you are proud to know that you have the ability to affect the people around you in such a positive and powerful way through the simple act of writing a letter.

Long May You Reign.

Yours in Admiration,

Sheryl c/o The Heatley Cliff.

Tune in this week to The Heatley Cliff   and learn more about the history and etiquette of letter writing, correspondence and postal services.

And for those of you who would also like to know how you could write to Her Majesty Queen Lizzie click here!

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