Dear Jennifer Lawrence: You Go Girl

Dear Jennifer,

Thank you.

See Jennifer, you said something I really appreciate. When you were interviewed in Elle, you said you didn’t want to lose weight when you were prepping for Katniss, your character in The Hunger Games. “I’m never going to starve myself for a part… I don’t want little girls to be like, ‘Oh, I want to look like Katniss, so I’m going to skip dinner.'” You understand the power of a character like Katniss, and how she’ll impact girls. And I’m one of those girls. I see images of underweight women everyday; I don’t aspire to have their bodies, but I can see why we girls can be confused. And you make being comfortable with your body something natural and awesome. You get that you can love yourself just the way you are. And for a girl my age, that’s an important message. I love how you use your voice to show girls that look up to you that you don’t need to be super skinny to matter.

I would also like to thank you because you are not afraid to be yourself. You are awkward in public, and everyone on tumblr wants you to join because you are one of us. You’re funny. You get excited when you meet actors. You are a great actress. Your performance in Silver Linings Playbook was amazing (I mean duh, you won the Oscar)! And also, The Hunger Games. My point is, you give girls hope that we can be ourselves and that makes you an amazing role model for girls my age to look up to. Thank you, Jennifer.



  • Heather Al Bertson

    Except Katniss Everdeen WAS starving. To portray the her accurately, JL could have lost a bit of body fat to be true to the character, for the first movie at least. Then, once Katniss was being fed well in the story, she could have gone back to her original size/weight. Frankly, I was disappointed that she looked so healthy at the beginning of the first movie.

    • Devan Haddock


    • Aziza Henry-Richards

      Initially I agreed that she didn’t look starved enough as Katniss but then I thought, in order to get a starved look you do actually have to starve yourself or at least cut down to less than recommended amounts of food. While the commitment to a character that Hathaway showed is admirable the yo-yo weight loss is not good/healthy for you and the fact that Jennifer Lawrence was a great Katniss without physically damaging herself, even if it would of been temporary is a testament to her skills. Plus people can be made to look gaunt and starved with make up and special effects if absolutely necessary.

    • Ruby Karp

      I agree she is supposed to look starved, but she made a choice not to loose weight. i think she would rather have young girls who already have self esteem issues not try and look like that, than look like she is starving to death. Being a girl of my age and knowing how this effects girls my age, I think she made the right choice.

    • Jessie Middlemas

      Actually Katniss was well-fed. Especially considering others in District 12. She ate better than most because she was a hunter. Most of the District didn’t have that option. Yes there were days she didn’t eat as well but she didn’t starve at all.
      And, when they are on the train heading to the Capitol and they confront Haymitch about cleaning himself up to be a better mentor, he describes both Peeta and Katniss as being “fit”. Personally I think “fit” is far from “starved”.

      I adore Jennifer Lawrence and all that she stands for. She is hilarious and relatable. She is the kind of celebrity young girls need in their lives.

  • Devan Haddock

    While I completely agree that Jennifer Lawrence is at least one of the best, if not THE best role model for girls in this day and age, I would like to qualify that Katniss was supposed to be a young woman living in the midst of poverty. She often fed her family before herself, and even then the book describes the portions of meat she was able to acquire were generally small ones. What I’m trying to get at, is that the character was supposed to look under-fed living under the thumb of the Capitol, and I believe that might be a reason why she might have been asked to lose weight for the role (Like Anne Hathaway did for the role of Fantine in Les Miserables). But again, with that being said, I absolutely LOVE Jennifer’s views on things; your body needs the nourishment of healthy portions, and no girl should starve herself into a thinner body. Nothing feels better than a strong, healthy, fit body, and denying yourself the nutrition needed to achieve that goal is not the way to go. Good on you, Jennifer!

  • Heidi Stock

    I noticed that she didn’t look starved for about 2 seconds and then got over it and watched the rest of the movie. Good for her for standing up for herself. If it really bothered the movie makers, they could’ve chosen someone else who was willing to starve herself just so that we could watch, but they didn’t. They chose Jennifer Lawrence who was an excellent vision of strength in the midst of the horror that was being treated like everyday life (which to me is the whole point of the trilogy).

  • Frederick Adams

    i’m glad she didn’t starve herself for the role. i get trying to look the part for a role in a movie, but it’d be pretty bad if someone starved themselves to poverty-stricken levels. it’s unhealthy. it would make sense if you want a slightly bigger actor or actress to lose a couple of pounds because you feel they’d be great for a role, but Jennifer Lawrence is already thin. granted i didn’t read the book, but i did notttt think, “oh Katniss looks too healthy to be in poverty. when” when seeing the movie. oh and having a already thin woman lose weight, would have probably burned in the minds of young girls’ minds that they have to be too skinny to make it, which leads too more self esteem issues and all that. which would be no bueno. i cant believe some people are disgruntled that she didnt look unhealthily skinny. way to go, Jennifer, for not losing weight, and way to go, makers of the movie, for accepting that she didn’t want to ^_^
    P.S. she was and looked absolutely amazing in, Silver Lining’s Playbook ;D

  • Katherine Presley

    I liked that she didn’t look starved in The Hunger Games because she wasn’t really starving, her family was a lot better off than a lot of the others because of her hunting. Also because of her hunting/gathering, she would have more muscle tone from running around in the woods, so I didn’t think about it for a second when I saw the movie, the thought she wasn’t thin enough never crossed my mind. Plus I just freaking love her she is so awkward and real and when she answers questions she’s not “public speaking” she’s answering like a 22 year old and she’s hilarious

  • Jeff Webster

    I didn’t even notice about her weight except she had an awesome body. I’m proud of her for refusing to become Twiggy to get the role. I love her acting and she’s flat out gorgeous.

  • Raymi Lauren White

    Absolutely adore her. We have the same arm shape hers are prob smaller but it’s just one more of a million mores about her that I love.

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