Dear Fandom: It's Not You. It's Me.

Dear Fandom:

I’m sorry you have to hear it this way. But it’s not you. It’s me.

I know I said I was ready for a serious relationship, but that was before. All the things you used to love about me? They’re gone. I’ve lost the desire to endlessly favorite the gifsets from every moment of physical contact between my OTP. I mean, those moments of Castle wrapping Beckett’s hand around a cup of coffee are pretty epic, but I can’t take the stimulation anymore.

Please, don’t make me another playlist mix for the OTP of my dreams. I can’t relive Logan and Veronica’s heartbreak in music anymore. I haven’t listened to the last two you made, and I’m not even sure I added them to my ipod. Just tell me this: is it all whiny British boys singing along to wailing guitars? Maybe a little Clash or Eminem thrown in for sweeps? Tell me so I know I can delete them.

I won’t be following you on twitter anymore. And you can stop looking for fan mail from me on Tumblr. I mean, your color manipulations of The Doctor and Rose are great, but I’m moving onto something new.

I think what killed it was our actors denying – for the hundredth time – any relationship off camera. I mean we all know what those looks mean, and my heart can’t take the lies anymore. Not if your other fangirls are going to get vicious and weepy about it.

In the coming days and weeks, don’t take my visits to the fandom fanfic site as a sign of weakness. I can’t quit anything cold turkey. I think we all know that after the whole RENT debacle of 2003. You know I’ll check in occasionally so please don’t show up at my window with that boombox, okay?

I want you to know you made me better.

It was your devotion to detail and everlasting obsession with the minutiae that got me back in touch with my old flame really. But don’t blame the library, okay? This isn’t about him. It’s about us. I know you’ll find another fangirl to replace me with. Heck, you may not even notice I’m gone. I really hope we can stay friends.


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