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Dear Classmates, Don't Insult Someone's Sexuality!

Friday in class, a boy called me a fag. I was very bothered considering that he was using such an offensive term, and that he was using the term incorrectly. Naturally, being the smart alec nerd I am, I walked across the classroom and got the dictionary. I opened it up, and read the dictionary definition of the word “faggot” to him. The dictionary definition was: “a male homosexual”, and then pointed the definition to him in the dictionary. I said “First off, I’m obviously not a man. Second off, I’m not a ‘homosexual’. But even if I was, it wouldn’t matter”. He just looked at me. I don’t know if he thought I was being a complete loser, or I had a point and was making him look like a jerk, but he just walked away. Leading onto my topic this week: Kids who think that using a sexuality against others is bad.

Everybody knows about how many teen suicides there are a year. It’s horrible. Every day on the news you can hear a new story about another teen that has killed themselves because of bullying. I think it’s safe to say that most of these are because of bullying. I also think it’s safe to say that a lot of teen suicides that involve bullying are because of someone’s sexuality. In one of the most recent Glee episodes, a boy tried to hang himself because he was being bullied. He was gay. In my opinion, that was the most powerful Glee episode that has ever been aired, because I know a lot of kids struggle with the same issue.

At school, there will be a bully, and they’ll be picking on someone. The insults they’ll use are usually about being a “fag” or a “homo”. I bet there is going to be a boy who actually is gay, and he’s going to feel horrible about himself because of all the words tossed out about him. A classmate will use the word gay in a conversation like it’s nothing. “Wow… my sister was being such a fag this morning! She was in the bathroom getting ready all morning…” No. NO. If someone wants to call their sister annoying, call her annoying. Not gay. Is it really that hard? Apparently it is. It’s just another thing in our society that’s making our generation of young people looking bad.

I believe that if someone is gay, they’re gay. Its a part of them, and that’s perfectly okay. Kids don’t understand that when they’re using the word “fag” or “homo” against someone who may or may not actually be gay, it could be making someone feel bad for who they are. If these bullies think that it’s wrong to be gay, then by all means, they have that opinion. I just think that it’s rude and horrible to try and make someone feel bad about who they are. I wish kids could just keep it to themselves. Making someone feel bad about themselves SO MUCH that they want to end their life? Its completely ridiculous. It makes me feel embarrassed that our generation has so many mean kids that other ones are ending their own lives because of them. Is that really who we want to look like? NO!

So in conclusion, if someone uses such words against someone, they are cowardly and ignorant. And they need to stop.

Until next time!

Main image via Stonewall