Style Me GrasieDay 2 Night (One look, two ways in a music video format)Grasie Mercedes

Hey Gigglers! I’m super excited to share with you a new video I did for LookTV. LookTV is a new fashion and beauty channel on YouTube that you’ll definitely want to check out… especially since our very own Erin Foster has her own HG “how to” series on there, too! Every week you can see new videos from myself from my STYLE ME GRASIE Presents series and from Erin’s How To (Or Not?) series. Right now, you can check out my first! It’s call DAY 2 NIGHT (More of a description from LookTV below). I’m so excited about all the videos to come…I can not take it!

How do you take one outfit and make it fab for day and glamorous for night? Start with the basics: wake up and throw on skinny jeans and a crew-neck tee, then add punchy extras for the PM. Sensational stylist/blogger Grasie Mercedes shows you how to seamlessly transition your casual day look into something more sophisticated for an evening out on the town. One look, two ways in a music video format.

Want more of Grasie’s style smarts? Tune in to “Style Me Grasie Presents” each Wednesday:

Host: Grasie Mercedes
Director/DP/Editor: Michael Garcia
Music by: Spirit Animal “I’m Around”
Wardrobe Provided By: Call It Spring

  • Emily Cathcart

    OOOOH I love you!!!

    • Grasie Mercedes

      lol. that’s sweet! love you too!!!!!! :)

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