Videos Dancing With Your Dog In 3 Simple Steps Zooey Deschanel

Dancing with your dog in 3 steps:

1. Pick music your dog will like. Dot really only likes jazz; if I play anything harder, she will swiftly hide under the nearest piece of furniture, and thus Louis Armstrong’s “Hello Dolly” seemed like a good pick for her!

2. Cater your dance style to your dog. What sort of moves does your dog have? Dot spins her tail – I like to call that “The Pinwheel”. She also stares at me in a way that suggests she thinks I’m crazy. It’s like having my very own canine Bea Arthur to silently mock every move I make. What a delight!

3. Work with your dog’s size. Dot is only 9 lbs, so I can pick her up, but if your dog is too big to carry, then dance around him. He will either a) know you want to see his best dance moves or b) become very confused by your erratic movement and react with fear and/or aggression! Either way, it’s hilarious. (Fun Suggestion: Dudes, you MAY want to wear a cup for this.)


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  1. You are so cute Zooey, beautifull 1000%, full kissess for you beautiful princess!

  2. Hermoso !!!! feliz año zooey and sofifii !!!!

  3. B E A U T Y F U L L

  4. happy new year Zooey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! , this is the cutest and adorable thing I’ve ever seen!! , you made my day so happy!! (really this day wasn’t my day) OMG!! and that song is awesome !! “Hello Dolly” by Louis Armstrong! you sang this one in the short film “Raving” !!! OMG!! I LOVE YOU AND I REALLY ADMIRE YOU SO MUCH ZOOEY! THANK YOU FOR BEING SUCH A WONDERFUL PERSON !!! I’m Karla Salais
    and I hope to become a really good actress and singer like you , some day!
    I LOVE YOU!!!

  6. Super cute! Reminds me of a King of The Hill episode, when Hank and Bobby enter the Dog Dancing competition!

  7. Happy New Year Zooey!
    Blessings to you and those you love :-)

  8. Very Cute Zooey. I love when you sang that in Raving. Happy New Year

  9. After a busy day at work, seeing Zooey dance with her cute dog made my night! I wish a Happy and healthy New Year to you Zooey, everyone at Hello Giggles, and the readers as well. Peace and love!

  10. This is just the cutest thing! Makes me forget my burnt hand for a little bit. :P Happy New Year Zooey, Dot, Molly, Sophian and the rest of Hellogiggles crew!

  11. that is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ADORABLE!! :) :) ;)

  12. That is the sweetest sweet thing i`ve ever seen

  13. :)

  14. I love, love, love, LOVE to dance with my two Bichon-poodles, Sunny & Shea. Sunny is my smooth gentleman and more into slow dancing, so we get down to a lot of Sinatra and slow R&B jams from the 90s. Shea, however, is my party girl and loves to twirl around to anything fast and fun. She’s totally into Gaga these days.

    Ok, maybe my dogs don’t really have these preferences, but I like to pretend they do. My husband just shakes his head at me when I escort my pups onto the dance floor, but whatevs. I wonder if either of my pups would be interested in taking ballroom dancing lessons with me…hmmm….

  15. Dot looks like my pup! Luna loves to cut a rug. . . And chew on it sometimes, too! ;)

  16. My dog is quite larger than Dot, but I pick up her front paws and dance with her all the time. She’s a Katy Perry fan. Then I try to do the same with my cat. . . NOPE.

  17. I dance with my Puggle all the time! We call it “Boogying with Boogie!” He like all disco because he likes to hear his name in songs, but he’s also been known to jam with Queen and She & Him!

  18. So cute…and one of my favorite songs!

  19. Absolutely love it!

  20. That cutie little tail! <3 Happy New Year!
    Hugs to Hellogiggles team and to the gorgeous Zooey!