Dance Like Nobody's WatchingDance Like Nobody's Watching: AirportAngela Trimbur

Dance Like Nobody’s Watching: Airport

PLACE: Los Angeles International Airport, California


GIRL: Angela Trimbur

WHY: I had a pretty lonely holiday… I didn’t get to go home to see my fam this year & was really bummed, so I went to dance around people who got to do so on their way back from holiday vacay.

LYRIC I LOVE: “You watch me sit outside. You watch me wait and try.”

PURCHASE THE SONG‘Telephone’ by The Black Angels 

  • Saheed Egbeyemi

    Nice one

  • Maya Potter Talhouni

    THAT WAS FREAKIN AWESOME! (The “AWESOME” is high-pitched)

  • Laura Nickel

    I was excited to see you made it on the yahoo news page! :D I love all your dancing videos…SO GREAT.

  • Shawn Kathleen

    As a stewardess I fully endorse this and think it is the BEST VIDEO IN THE WORLD!! Rock on, kiddo. You’re my new hero!


  • Rob Mauzy

    Way to go Angela!! Love these videos!!

  • Gabriella Di Giorgio

    I would like to know what happens after the video camera is turned off…

    *stands normally as if nothing happened*
    <3 love it.

  • Vanessa Chou

    AWS! Go, Girl! :P

  • Kyisha Thompson

    I totally do that if there’s a song I like playing wherever I am. ESPECIALLY if my sister is with me. She hates it enough to make it that much more enjoyable. :-)

  • Jennifer Lesky

    if I could dance like that, i would be dancing EVERYWHERE, ALL THE TIME!!!

  • Tonya Gaddis Johnson

    I would have probably joined in if I saw someone dancing that awesomely! :)

  • Kristen O’Connor

    I love watching these but I’m always just wondering how her earbuds don’t fall out…

  • Martin Medeski Wood

    get it ma’am!

  • Michelle Barnhardt

    Great!!!! <3 <3 <3

  • Marta Martinha

    I like very much this video. I think dancing is a great form to express feelings and the danc is great, amazing and is very original.

  • Marta Martinha

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  • Sly Hg Tly TyghTy

    Crushing it

  • Silk Mandel

    I LOVED IT! Made me spill my beads off my lap lol!!!

  • Laura Fred Michael

    Will you be my friend?I could use this kind of awesome in my life!!!!!

  • Ananda Karenina Barbosa

    great option for when you are bored!!

  • Rebecca Victoria Fexby

    Best thing ever. I want to do this.

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