Dance Like Nobody's WatchingDance Like Nobody's Watching: AirportAngela Trimbur

Dance Like Nobody’s Watching: Airport

PLACE: Los Angeles International Airport, California


GIRL: Angela Trimbur

WHY: I had a pretty lonely holiday… I didn’t get to go home to see my fam this year & was really bummed, so I went to dance around people who got to do so on their way back from holiday vacay.

LYRIC I LOVE: “You watch me sit outside. You watch me wait and try.”

PURCHASE THE SONG‘Telephone’ by The Black Angels 


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  1. Nice one

  2. THAT WAS FREAKIN AWESOME! (The “AWESOME” is high-pitched)

  3. I was excited to see you made it on the yahoo news page! :D I love all your dancing videos…SO GREAT.

  4. As a stewardess I fully endorse this and think it is the BEST VIDEO IN THE WORLD!! Rock on, kiddo. You’re my new hero!


  5. Way to go Angela!! Love these videos!!

  6. I would like to know what happens after the video camera is turned off…

    *stands normally as if nothing happened*
    <3 love it.

  7. AWS! Go, Girl! :P

  8. I totally do that if there’s a song I like playing wherever I am. ESPECIALLY if my sister is with me. She hates it enough to make it that much more enjoyable. :-)

  9. if I could dance like that, i would be dancing EVERYWHERE, ALL THE TIME!!!

  10. I would have probably joined in if I saw someone dancing that awesomely! :)

  11. I love watching these but I’m always just wondering how her earbuds don’t fall out…

  12. get it ma’am!

  13. Great!!!! <3 <3 <3

  14. I like very much this video. I think dancing is a great form to express feelings and the danc is great, amazing and is very original.

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  16. Crushing it

  17. I LOVED IT! Made me spill my beads off my lap lol!!!

  18. Will you be my friend?I could use this kind of awesome in my life!!!!!

  19. great option for when you are bored!!

  20. Best thing ever. I want to do this.

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