Dance Dance Karaoke

Dance Dance Karaoke Ep 1: Christy Watson – ‘Ridin' Dirty' (Chamillionaire)

This video is of my daughter busting her world-wide known moves to the tune of ‘Ridin’ Dirty’. She’s always been an attention magnet and loves to dance like a mini J-Lo circa 1994. It’s entertaining, and I only hope that they bring back the sketch/variety show so she too can launch her music/acting/clothing/perfume/tiny car-promoting career.

We were driving to a park or picnic or something majestically lovely like that a couple of years ago, when my friend screamed, “GIVE ME YOUR CAMERA!” I’m glad she did, because to miss this would have meant that I would have nothing to show at her graduation party or Oscar nomination ceremony. And that would make me a bad mother.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I have, and as much as my co-workers pretend to when I force their eyes on it at least twice a year.

Christy Watson is a 14-year-old trapped in a NOT YET 30-year-old’s frumpy body. She loves Star Wars, pizza, and beer with as much passion as she loathes her job and co-workers. She’s in the process of reinventing herself as a single, fabulous, sexy motha… shut your mouth… talkin’ ’bout Christy….You can follow her on Twitter, where she says nothing of value but retweets exceptional quips from very funny people, or take a gander at her Tumblr that is in its beginning phase of patheticism (real word, according to Urban Dictionary).

Like to bust move to some of your favourite (or at least most-danceworthy) tracks? Tape yourself or your friends doing so and send it in to – we’d love to share it with everyone.

  • Danielle Walker

    this video is money. and you are hilarious.

  • Dana DeRuyck

    Wow. Christy, your kid is AWESOME.

  • Franz Hess

    haha.. love it

  • David L. Clark

    It’s too bad that child is allowed to use seat belts inappropriately…

  • Jason Neel

    Best Driving Music Video Ever! I personal would have made some tighter cuts and shortened it a little but, really… just awesome.

  • Jenny Billstrom

    Really David L. Clark? The seat belt in my back seat is exactly the same, and there’s no other way to use them. How about instead of criticizing how the seat belt is worn, acknowledge the positive that the mother is following the law and requiring her to sit in a booster seat– considering a lot of parents don’t believe it’s necessary these days, especially for children that age and size.

    On to what the video is REALLY about, this is just too cute! I’ve shown this to like 10 people already– all of whom responded with, “THAT KID IS AWESOME!!” Great video!!

  • Jason Neel

    Check this out! A lot of you know people in the movie industry so you probably already have heard of this artist. Matthias Muller. He has taken the form of motion art to the highest level. I want to buy a LCD TV and hang it on the wall so that I can have an inspirational motivational piece of motion art in my home. Sort of like a Harry Potter moving painting, Very Piers Anthony creative homage btw.

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