Dance Break: Watch Taylor Swift ‘Shake It Off' In Her New Video

Well there is a new contender for best broken-hearted anthem this year, ‘Shake It Off’. The song is all all about letting go and dancing to shake off the issues. Watch as Taylor tries every style of dance she can think of to get over everyone and everything.

Yes TayTay just said, “hella good hair” …I’ll let that sink in.

If you pre-ordered Taylor’s new album, 1989 you will be able to DL“Shake It Off” now

  • George Taylor

    Missing the point of the song in that little description. Good journalism there.

    • Harmony Wilkins

      I was thinking the same thing… It’s not about an ex or relationships. It’s about ignoring the ‘haters.’

  • Ella Katherine Skyler

    It’s not about shaking off relationship issues though. It’s about acknowledging that people are going to say whatever they want about you and you can either let it drive you crazy or just shake it off. It’s about ignoring rumors, ignoring random hate comments, and not letting people get to you. Just saying it’s about shaking off realtionship issues completely undervalues it’s amazing message.

  • Mailén Palacios

    It’s not about a love relationship. You missed the point of the song! It’s about rumors and haters and people who just critize, and you just shake it all off and enjoy your moment, not caring about all those negative comments.

    • Jay Jones

      Correcto Mundo! Ella and Mailen

  • Emelie Samuelson

    Yeah, I think the point of the song was missed in this article, however the song itself is awesome.

  • Julieta Lewis

    I dunno, I am really not feeling this video.

    cringe worthy for sure. but that’s just me.

  • Michelle L. Helms

    Certainly not country but cute. I kinda Like it. Who caught that glimpse of Darren Criss ?

    • Diana Ostrodicka

      @Michelle L. Helms wait what? I’ve got to admit I hit the play button several time just to see Darren but where am I supposed to be looking for him exactly? 😀

  • Jay Jones

    I am not a Taylor Swift fan but this video reveals a young woman pretty grounded, honest, self aware, unafraid to make fun of herself, good at tongue in cheek, funny, cute, gutsy, creative, and definitely loves making music and the creative process. I really liked this video and To me this video is a statement which says I love what I am doing, I really enjoy being right where I am, It feels really good to feel good and share that feeling, and nothing you say or do is ever going to change that.

  • Vicky Lizardo

    Thank you for sharing her video but… why “to get over her ex”? Really? That’s not what it is about! …

  • Joanna Angel Benson

    i love how wonderfully awkward taylor is in this video, even tho it really has nothing to do with relationships.

  • Karen Seifert
  • Fandi Cabello

    Wow did whoever wrote this actually listened to the song? I don’t think so! And really should because the actual lyrics are way better than just a “broken-hearted anthem”, the song is catchy and taylor looks more mature and really comfortable with herself, is refreshing that it is NOT about heartbreak for a change.

  • Samantha Duncan

    WTF was that?

  • Jamie Goodman

    That Taylor swift song is absolutely horrible!!! I used to love her, but that song sucks!!!

  • Rachel Manning

    So I kinda have respect for Taylor Swift, but that was one of the most boring, main-stream songs I have ever heard.

  • Naomi Jade Davis

    I think I like the Video more than the actual song.
    She has a great voice – why use it to make such a boring song!

    • Norma Malven

      Like she said, “Haters gonna hate, hate, hate,hate, hate…” Keep on moving girl, I loved it!

  • Amanda Marie Hand

    I don’t think has to do with her ex as much as it has to do with her handling people who don’t agree with her choices.

    • Tom Kirwan

      exactly what I was thinking. all the people saying she can’t keep a guy and dates a bunch, or whatever they say. thats what I think its about.

    • Jen Fraser

      Agreed. Let’s not mis-characterize her video with gender stereotypes.

  • Emily Folger

    I like the message of the song but not a huge fan of the lyrics or catchiness (or lack thereof) of it. I’m a die hard Taylor Swift fan though so I’m really hoping 1989 will have some catchy as well as meaningful and sad songs, like Red did. Taylor is amazing at songwriting and has a great voice so it shouldn’t go to waste! And as others have said the message quite obviously has nothing to do with shaking off her exes.

  • Mir Pel

    This is catchy, but at the very beginning she sounded sort of like Laroux (I mean the exact way she sings the words), then she kinda looked like Lady Gaga, then like Fergie and later sort of like Gwen Stefani in “Hollaback Girls”. It’s like she studied the hits of the last decade and tried to copy them a little and I wonder if that was intentional or not. Nonetheless, she’s cute and it’s a nice song for young girls, plus she rocks her new haircut!!

  • Kyle Zorah Vas Normandy

    For once i enjoyed her music, she did not come off as the poor pathetic victim that vacantly dwells on her personal tragedies that were caused be here own naiveté . She came off as confident individual who is not regretful of her actions, who is in control of her life and wont let the little setbacks in life (haters, exes) destroy her she will simply “shake it off”.

  • Jen Fraser

    @HelloGiggles, I’m really disappointed with your gendered characterization of this song being about her “exes”. That seems like the typical way the media would characterize Taylor’s song (gender stereotypes) and I expect better from you guys. The song is obviously about saying “F you” to all the haters who say she isn’t smart, who criticize her choices, etc, and yes that includes her exes, but that was in no way a central focus of the song or video. Although it’s a silly/fun video, I think it has a pretty strong and empowering feminist message about shaking off all of the ways in which we (especially young women) face scrutiny and stereotypes. Taylor’s saying that she knows she’s badass and smart in spite of it all. She’s not going to engage with those people or let their hate bring her down.

    • Jen Fraser

      I really appreciate that you guys changed the text so that this piece wasn’t labeling Taylor’s song as a breakup song–thanks for listening to your readers! Keep up the great work you do.

      • Victoria Emily-Bapp

        I did not read the previous blog post but it does take a certain type of writer to adapt their work and to show empathy to readers. It also takes a certain type of reader to encourage through post and follow up positive replies. Well said.

        • Jean Riling

          Thumbs up to this whole thread.

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