Tales of a Teen Granny

D.I.Y. Knitting Cupcakes

We all know that if there are two things I love most in the world they are probably knitting and baking cupcakes, so can you even imagine how excited I was when I had the idea to make Knitting Cupcakes. Not only do these cupcakes look (and taste) absolutely amazing, but they are also incredibly easy to make. If you love knitting or have a friend who loves knitting or have anyone in your life who is even remotely interested in knitting, this is the recipe for you.

You will need:

– Cocktail sticks.

– Small wooden beads that will fit snugly onto the end of a cocktail stick (available from all craft shops)

– Strong all purpose glue.

– Your favorite cupcake recipe (or cake mix)

– Wilton’s Candy Decorating Pen. I played around with a few kinds of icing when I was making these and although all writing icing pens will work, I found that these were the best. Essentially they are made of colored chocolate, which means the icing hardens once it’s on the cake. This means it stays in the same place and doesn’t melt like some of the others. You can buy them here (or here if you’re American) but if you don’t manage to get any, standard writing icing will work just as well.

Step One: Bake your cupcakes. For the knitted cupcakes I would probably recommend baking some light colored cupcakes like vanilla or lemon as this will make the icing look better. It’s important that you can’t see any of the cake coming through the icing and this will be much harder if you make chocolate cupcakes. Once your cupcakes are baked, make sure you let them cool down completely before beginning to ice.

Step Two: Make your needles.  All you need to do to make the needles is put a small drop of glue on the end of the cocktail stick and then carefully slot the bead onto the gluey end. It’s extremely easy but the only thing you have to make sure of is that the cocktail stick doesn’t stick out the end of the bead. They take a few minutes to dry so be patient and watch some Grey’s Anatomy if you get bored.


Step Three: Icing the cupcakes. There isn’t much skill needed to create the ‘wooly ‘ effect with your icing but you will need to use a lot of it. I used almost a whole tube of icing per cupcake and by the end my hand was extremely aching like crazy.  Simply swirl your icing around in little circles and build it up and up until you can no longer see any of the cupcake through the icing.

Step Four: Insert the needles. If you do decide to use the candy melts icing you will need to be quick with inserting the needles as it dries really quickly. I liked putting the needles in at a little angle as I thought it looked more like a ball of wool but you can put them in however you want.

Step Five: Throw a knitting party and show of your AWESOME cupcakes. Just make sure no one actually tries to knit with them…