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D.I.Y. Instagram Photo Frames

It’s no secret that HelloGiggles loves Instagram, and it’s also no secret that I love Instagram. If Twitter is the books of the iPhone procrastination world, then Instagram is the TV. It’s just so much prettier than Twitter! And so much less effort. I’m taking my GCSEs (big scary English exams) next month and I honestly think if they had a section titled ‘Analyze the Instagram pictures of Kendall and Kylie Kardashian’, I would get straight As.

The problem with Instagram is it’s confined to your phone, which makes it hard to share your wonderful photography (yup, that’s right, I’m calling Instagram photography) with the rest of the world. So I’ve come up with this handy D.I.Y (which can barely be called a D.I.Y because it takes about 2 seconds) to help you share your Instagramming with the world outside your iPhone.

The other day, I was having a major clean out of my room (while pretending I didn’t have to be revising) and found that way too much of my bedroom was being taken up by a CD collection that I barely ever used. So I decided to spend even more time not revising and put all my old CDs into CD sleeves. This worked great, except I ended up with about 300 empty CD cases and that’s how this D.I.Y was born.

You Will Need:

–       Empty CD cases.

–       Scissors

–       Instagram Pictures

–       Bluetack, sticky strips or no nails tape.

Step One: Print out your favourite Instagram pictures, making sure they are the same size as your CD case. All CD cases are about 12cm tall and wide, so before you print your picture, make sure you adjust the size so it’s 12×12 cm and then print.

Step Two: Cut out your pictures.

Step Three: Put your pictures into the front of the CD case. Very handily, all CD cases have these little tabs to hold the cover of the CD which mean your pictures will always stay in place.

Step Four: Stick your pictures on your wall, I used these sticky strips which worked great but pretty much anything would work.

I arranged mine in a grid pattern on my wall, but you can have fun and arrange them however you like. For more fun easy wall decorating D.I.Y.s, just click here. 

Images via Amazon, my camera and Shutterstock