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D.I.Y. Cat Ear Headphones

Ever since I saw this item of the day on HelloGiggles, I knew I couldn’t rest until I had a pair of earphones with ears in my life. I thought it would be fun to try and make my own, and that’s when I came up with this fun and easy D.I.Y. You need barely any crafting skills to make these and the effect is extremely satisfying. Leave a comment if you decide to make some and I hope you like my D.I.Y!

Step One: Fold your felt in half and draw the shape of your ears onto one side of the felt. I made mine with cat ears, but you could do anything from a mouse to a dinosaur (actually, I don’t think dinosaurs have ears).

Step Two: Cut out your ears, making sure you cut both sides of the felt. You should now have a shape that looks a bit like this:

Step Three: Sew on any other parts of the ear you want. I added little white bits to the middles like this:

Step Four: Wrap one ear around your headphone, making sure to pull it tight. Sew around the edges using a tight blanket stitch (you can find out how to do this on YouTube) or just a normal running stitch.

Step Five: Do the same with the other ear.

Step Six: Pop your headphones on, wack on some tunes and show everyone how awesome you are.

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