Cuteness Break: All Kitten Version of ‘The Lion King'

Can you feel the love tonight? This is too cute! To top it all off, the all-kitten cast it is narrated by an adorable little kid.

SPOILER ALERT: They cover all major plot points.

  • Sara Jean DePasquale

    OMG I’m dying!

  • Liesbeth Juta

    This deserves at least three Oscars!

  • Stephanie Rey Marshall

    This is the cutest! I don’t know why I never thought of doing a kitten reenactment of the Lion King when I was little. I had about 11 kittens at one time… What a waste of perfectly good kitty talent. Oh and maybe the fact that it would have been impossible at that time to get a hold of a camera. :( Still this was a wonderful little reminder of the movie I know and love!

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