When I was four, I won a giant stuffed dog at a carnival. I won him by shooting a gun at a golf ball and knocking it off its tee. At this time, I was really into pretending to be a robber, so my gun skills were really spot on. When I won, I wasn’t even surprised, I actually expected it. I remember imagining myself as an old-fashioned cowboy robber as I pulled the trigger. There was no doubt in my mind that my aim was perfect. This was the peak of my confidence.

I named the dog I won Lucky because I felt lucky to have won him. I used to have to sleep with him every night, bringing him on vacations and to sleepovers. Eventually I stopped and would just leave him at home, but I still have Lucky and know that I could never give him away.

Thinking about Lucky for some reason made me wonder about the weird/creepy stuffed animals that are out there today. After searching online, I found some pretty interesting things. Things that seriously made me question the makers of these children’s toys, as well as the types of parents that would buy these toys for their children. I think it’s safe to say that when buying stuffed animals, cute and cuddly is always better than say, a stuffed animal shaped like meat.