Current Music Obsession: Florrie

For those of you who follow my Twitter, you are well aware that I am a total music freak and that I’m very very very picky about what I listen to. I’m one of those people who reads dozens of reviews on one album before I decide if I want to listen to it (trust me, sometimes I hate me, too). Very rarely have I listened to something just because it was there and ended up loving it.

While putting together a play list for a road trip, I bounced around music blogs looking for some interesting stuff to listen to and I came across this cover to her Experiments EP:

I said to myself, “cool picture”. Download.

That was it. That’s how I came across my new favorite pop ingénue, Florrie. I took this album and ran with it. I’ve been playing it non-stop for weeks. It’s fun, extremely catchy and this chick can actually sing. Did I mention she is also a drummer?

In true music-nerd fashion, I scoured the net looking for tour dates and found nothing in Los Angeles. I thought to myself, “Maybe she just toured and I missed it, that’s probably it.” So, I looked for past tour dates and found nothing. Could it be possible that Florrie has NEVER performed in Los Angeles? It certainly seems that way.

In the meantime, check out Florrie’s website for some free downloads, music previews and to learn about The Florrie music project.

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