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Crush of the Week: Stanley Tucci

Last week I bought Stanley Tucci’s new cookbook, entitled, The Tucci Cookbook, and my life changed forever.

I realize that’s a bold statement. After all, I’ve only flipped through the book and made about two recipes so far*. However, I do feel as though a light has been shown in my life that wasn’t there before and that light is Stanley Tucci.

For the first time in my life, I know how to make fresh tomatoes taste even fresher than fresh tomatoes ever taste in nature. I’ve discovered that you can make grilled cheese with mozzarella cheese and upon learning that my brain exploded. I finally have a chart explaining what the difference between light and heavy wines are. Most of all, I have high quality glossy photos of Stanley Tucci putting dough in a pot in his outdoor kitchen. The high quality photos are the best.

If you aren’t as excited as I am about Stanley Tucci releasing a cookbook of simple, fresh Italian meals, I get it. You don’t like food. Some people don’t like delicious tastes in their mouth. It’s strange, but fine. Everyone’s different. Some people don’t like joy. It’s weird, but we’re all different and we should accept that. Some people don’t even like oxygen. I think. I’m not sure. The point is some people don’t like great things and that’s totally okay.

That said, if you aren’t as excited as I am about all things related to the great Stanley Tucci, then I truly cannot believe that you are a human being. I hope you die in some terrible manner that a Batman villain would devise.

Okay, I don’t want you to die. I don’t want anyone to suffer or die. I just don’t want to know you.

I mean, how can you not love Stanley Tucci? There is nothing wrong or bad about Stanley Tucci. Stanley Tucci, or, “The Tooch”, is literally one of the most adorable men to ever live.

What’s not to absolutely adore? He’s suave. He’s dapper. He’s talented. He’s often Meryl Streep’s co-star. Alan Rickman went to his wedding party. He enjoys food. He enjoys wine. He speaks in a calm, silken voice. He can pull off a large costume ring with class. He looks good wearing glasses and he looks good not wearing glasses. He knows exactly how to wear a suit. He was in The Hunger Games. Oh, and he’s one of the few famous actors that you will never hear anything bad about. He’s kind of universally beloved as man and actor.

Whenever Stanley Tucci pops up on screen, I am filled with a sense of overwhelming happiness. Every director who puts Stanley Tucci in his or her film is a director you can trust because he or she is a director of taste. These directors, despite any other flaws, understand that there is no classier actor alive than Stanley Tucci. If a film is bad and Stanley Tucci is in it, that is also alright. Stanley Tucci’s arrival upon the scene is like seeing that lifeboat that Ioan Gruffudd steered back to the survivors in the film, Titanic. It makes me want to blow a whistle and regain hope.

Stanley Tucci inspires me so much that I’m doing a Julie & Julia like blog about my experiences with The Tucci Cookbook. I’m serious. The blog is called “Tucci and Tucci-a“. I haven’t been able to post photos yet of my cooking because the food is so good I eat it all before I can photograph it. It is perhaps the noblest project I’ve ever started because it is about the great Stanley Tucci.

Okay, this is all getting ridiculous, but seriously, STANLEY TUCCI IS ADORABLE AND YOU CAN’T TELL ME OTHERWISE.

Also, the cookbook is really good. You should totally buy it.


* In my defense, I am a very busy person. For me, cooking a recipe not only takes the prep time listed in a book, but the mental prep time it takes to psychologically psych myself up to cook.


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