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Crush of the Week: Skylar Astin of "Pitch Perfect"

In life and in romance, it’s easy to get jaded.

It’s easy to say, “You know, my dreams will never actually come true.” Or, “I’ll never feel those first love butterflies in my stomach just from glancing at someone from across the room again.” Or, “It’s totally impossible in today’s world for a largely unknown American stage actor to land the romantic lead in a major Hollywood comedy and then charm the aerie-brand panties off of me without him ever having been on my crush radar before.”

But guys, this is all possible. Miracles can still happen. Dreams do come true. Butterflies will always return to your stomach. And since seeing Pitch Perfect on Friday, I have a larger-than-life crush on Skylar Astin.

You know, Skylar Astin. The other-other-other actor who was in Spring Awakening years ago with Lea Michelle, Jonathan Groff and John Gallagher, Jr. You know, Skylar Astin, the dude who Shoshanna almost lost her virginity to on Girls. You know, Skylar Astin, the guy whose name I had to google after the film because I–who make it a major hobby to collect the names and resumes of all up-and-coming actors in the industry for future crush purposes–had never heard of him before Pitch Perfect.

Skylar Astin is the crush that came out of nowhere and made me melt in the movie theater into a puddle of giggles, sighs and sugar (from my Sour Patch Kids), and I am over the moon about it.

I think the reason Skylar Astin is a crush that comes out of nowhere is because on the surface, he’s pretty unassuming.

At this point, we’re used to our Hollywood heartthrobs being skinny, brooding British types with ruffled hair or buff beefcakes with dimples and overwhelming bravado or teens with swoops of hair and puppy dog eyes or older men who wear slick suits and spout out slicker lines over tumblers of whiskey.

When Skylar Astin shows up on screen, he just looks like a normal dude you’d see at a bar. I mean, he’s a cute, well dressed dude, but there’s no bravado, no tortured stance and no ridiculous hairdo happening.

In fact, his introduction in the film is pretty typical dude. He sings–slightly annoyingly–to Anna Kendrick’s character, Beca, from a car. Which, while I’ve never been sweetly sung to from a car, I have been romantically accosted from a car on numerous occasions. So, it’s typical. We get why Beca would shrug him off.

Then about five minutes later, we see how Skylar Astin’s character, Jesse, deals with his nerdy roommate with humor and grace. We also get a clearer cut of his clarion singing voice and a clearer view of his muscle tone under his shirt. I was starting to see the appeal.

About 20 minutes later, and after watching him flirt with Beca in a radio studio and bring her Capri-Sun and a collection of DVDs on a lawn, I turned to my friend and said, “He is so (expletive deleted) charming!” She leaned in and said, “Oh, it gets better.”

I know you probably want to comment and say that it’s rude to talk during the movies, but only one person turned around at us while we were whispering. She was a middle aged woman who was there alone. Despite what you may expect, she didn’t glare at us or shush us. She just sort of smiled and slightly nodded, like she knew as an older woman what we were discovering now.

Nothing in life beats a song and dance man who is also funny and emotionally sincere and Skylar Astin is a song and dance man who is also funny and emotionally sincere. He is the best.

Skylar Astin imbues Jesse with such poise, such sweetness, such humor and such confidence without cockiness, that it’s hard not to fall for him by the end of the film.

When the movie was over, my friend and I enthused to each other about his performance.

“He’s like so cute, and he’s like a guy you’d have a crush on in real life,” my friend gushed.

“And when was the last time America even had a bona fied song and dance man who could do romantic comedy?”

“Neil Patrick Harris?” she answered with a hint of doubt.

I replied, “Gene Kelly. That kid has Gene Kelly swagger.”

Bold words? Sure. But watch him sing “Feels Just Like the First Time” in a dried up pool late at night to Anna Kendrick and tell me with a straight face you weren’t crushing on Skylar Astin.

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