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Crush of the Week: New Girl's Nick Miller

I have some thoughts and feelings and well, mostly I have a lot of feelings about how much I adore the character of Nick Miller on New Girl and I need this space to express them.

First thing’s first: have you seen this week’s episode of New Girl?

No? Get thee to Hulu to watch it because “Cooler” is not only one of the most hilarious and brilliant sitcom episodes in ages, but I also don’t want to spoil one of the best kept sitcom surprises for you.

I can just wait here until you’ve seen it.

*tweedling thumbs* *watching gif sets of Aaron Tveit pronouncing “Enjolras”* *tweedling thumbs again*

Are you back?

Oh! You’ve already seen it. Of course! I just wanted to be sure.

Now that I know for sure that I won’t be spoiling it for you, we can all collectively squee together, “Laura Linney squeeing behind a wall in Love Actually“-style over the fact that Jess and Nick actually kissed.

And they didn’t just indulge in a tasteful peck, either. It was an insanely passionate, fantastically romantic, soul devouring, heart exploding kiss. I would say it’s pretty much the greatest kiss that’s ever been shown on television, but I’ve seen The Notebook screened on television, and no matter how perfect Nick and Jess’s kiss was, nothing in the history of kisses will ever usurp Ryan Gosling/Rachel McAdams in rain.

But for me, Nick and Jess come close.

Some strange people on the internet have written pieces about how they’re upset that Nick and Jess kissed. Like it’s going to ruin “the sexual tension” or they didn’t see the characters together.

To which I say, “Are you f#%king kidding me?”

Someone at New York Magazine had the audacity to suggest that Nick and Jess have never been set up as a potential couple in the show, which suggests that he’s been watching a wildly different show than I have. I realize that the show is built on Jess, Nick, Schmidt and Winston’s dynamic as roommates, but it’s pretty much been set up since the pilot that Nick and Jess care about each other in a sort of co-dependent way and since this is a sitcom, that means that Nick and Jess are meant for each other.

Okay, I mean, they may not be together at the end of the show and they may not be together forever, but they were kind of destined for at least one hook-up. One singularly perfect and hot hook-up like the one they had last week.

That was a really, really great kiss, right? And Nick Miller is insanely hot.

I mean, Jake Johnson is obviously an adorably scruffy dreamboat and a hilariously intuitive comic performer, which means that by default, Nick Miller is an adorably scruffy hilarious dreamboat. Add to that the fact that Nick is an old curmudgeon in a young man’s body. I know it sounds weird, but there’s something about a grumpy young man that I find adorable. Also, Nick drinks out of thermoses in fancy restaurants and he looks equally great in ladies’ trench coats and dudes’ zip up hoodies. Oh, and he’s writing a zombie novel. Like, all of those things might sound weird individually, but add them all together and you’re kind of describing my dream guy.

But most importantly, he really cares about Jess. Since the beginning of the series, he’s gone out of his way to prop Jess up when she’s feeling bad. He thinks about her feelings. He worries about her. He gets frustrated with her when she makes poor choices. He’s happy for her when she’s happy. It gets to a point when Winston has to pull him aside and warn him that he might be Jess’s “emotional fluffer”. The problem is that Nick can’t help but to care about Jess because he’s a decent, stand-up dude and it would seem that he loves her.

Because that’s what love actually is. I mean sure, it can explode in incredible kisses or be about roses and champagne and fancy, flirty dinners, but true love is quieter. Love isn’t about an exciting kiss as much as it’s about caring about someone and being cared about in return. You want the best for that person and they want the best for you. That’s true love.

And if you also get explosive kisses out of it? Then it’s a true romance.

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  • Angi Watson Dudas

    I want to find a Nick Miller of my own. Is Jake single?

    • Marie May

      Good luck in that department.
      And nope, Jake isn’t single. He is married.

  • Alice Sunanda Reed

    I have to say, I thought the kiss itself was a bit strange. I don’t particularly find kisses where the guy is virtually trying to devour the girl that appealing. Having said that, it was great, too!

    I think all New Girl fans have been expecting this to happen, and everyone was sort of trying to guess how and where and when. And *that’s* what I really liked.

    They had this amazing kiss, they obviously care for each other, they have the passion that Jess was searching with her older-rich-boyfriend, and yet they finish the kiss and Nick turns around and goes to his room. WTF?! I mean, brilliant, but WHAT?!

    So now I can’t wait to see where the hell this goes. How is it going to change the dynamics? Is Jess breaking up with Sam? Is Nick finding another girlfriend? Are they even going to try and explore a possible relationship?

    New Girl’s writers did an amazing job – this was by far the best episode of this series. And yes, I think we all love Nick Miller, at least a little bit.

  • Molly Paige

    Yes yes yes! That’s it. Just a thousand times YES!

  • Nina Tame

    The kiss was amazing. Watched it too many times whilst sighing. The hands in hair, the hands on body and the best bit, the two soft gentle kisses after the main snogging frenzy. it was perfect. Been longing for this to happen since the time in the shop when Jess freaks out because their feet are pointing at each other. IT WAS WRITTEN IN THE STARS!!!

  • Rachelle Bryant

    Perfect candidate for crush of the week! I think it was the hottest kiss I’ve ever seen on tv. Loved it.

  • Silvina Mariel Desiderio

    my god Meghan… you speak the truth!! the first thing that crossed my mind was exactly that “the notebook” comparison! im from Argentina, me and my sister have been watching New girl since it was available online, and couldnt wait until those guys got together! its always magical to see how two best friends get together, i really hope they give them a chance to explore it!

  • Cristina Sánchez Romero

    MEGHAN I’M GIVING YOU AND STANDING OVATION. Ahhhhh so true. I’ve always loved Nick Miller and Jake Johnson of course and I’ve had a crush on him ever since 1×01….

    The kiss was perfect, EVERYTHING was perfect. AND THE LOVE ACTUALLY REFERENCE, yes!

    Let me love you.

  • Laura Puig Carles

    I was waiting for this kiss to happen for a long time! I wonder what’s going to happen next though, cause like in the serie The Office, where from de beginnig there’s a sexual tension between Pam and Jim, when they finally get together, it kind of loses something that the serie used to have… but I’m sure that New Girl’s crew will know how to continue the story and make us laugh for a long more time! 😀

    • Hilary June

      Same! Jim and Pam were amazing and then they got married and had kids and became … kind of boring … I feel terrible saying that because they are amazing, but it’s true, right?!

      I would say in terms of TV kisses this is up there with Leslie and Ben in Parks and Rec … their first kiss was ahhhhmazingggg. Jim and Pam were perfection. Jess and Nick’s was pretty cute too.

      I want to trust the writers, I really do … let them keep being tensiony together, please. Please come up with something brilliant, no pressure though, we all love you.

      • Cait Oh

        I’m with you guys on that one… but let’s remember that Jess and the Doctor are still together!

        I forsee a lot of waffling back and forth on Jess’ part, and a “no biggie” attitude from Nick (even though he’s dying inside trying to keep up the I’m-okay-tough-guy-don’t-show-feelings persona on the outside.

        Looking forward to tomorrow night’s episode!

        • Cait Oh

          Let’s pretend I’m not as grammatically challenged as it looks. I swear. . .

  • Julia Gazdag

    All of this. Yes. Since Day One (or I guess, the Pilot). High five to you, madam.

  • Tone Anette E. Elde

    Megan, you are brilliant! Love you and your way of describing things!!! Take this the right way; New Girl is the series-love of my life <3 squeeee!

  • Ellen Findley

    I just wanted to point out your awesomeness vis-à-vis your link to the Aaron Tveit GIF. I love Aaron Tveit and Enjolras even more than Nick!

  • Virnalisa Ureña

    Ahhhh!!!! I freakin’ loved the kiss!!! Finally! And it was just how I imagined it would be…. Perfect!! He is definitely the Crush of the Week. :)

  • Harel Oliver

    yes! i agree that was one of the best kiss i have seen.
    But there’s is a problem. Now I’m sure Nick is the perfect guy for me. And unfortunately, I have not found the real one yet!

  • Cinzia Baldini

    I’d give everything I have to find a real Nick!!! God, he’s simply PERFECT, in everything!!!

  • Jerry Jackson

    Cece and Schmidt are a better couple.

  • Donna Bailey Gallagher

    I am so glad that Jess & Nick finally kissed. I adore Nick!!!!!

  • Amanda Walker

    You are so right! I’m so glad I happened upon this article today. You absolutely read my mind! I’ve been in love with Nick from the beginning and I saw this coming from the beginning. Could I have known that the kiss would be that jaw dropping? Course not. But Nick and Jess have been gravitating toward each other since the first episode and anyone who says other wise needs to get out more and explore human relationships, because they clearly missed TONS of signals. I’ve always had a crush on Nick, but after that kiss—I fell madly in love with him. I LOVE your article and will be reading things you post from now on. I swear it was like hearing my own words, but funnier and better put together : ). Good for you girl!!

  • Jenny Lonussen

    THIS!! Amen, on all accounts! The kiss, Nick and Jess and the sheer imperfect perfection of Nick! I have a lot of love for this article and its subject <3

  • Marty Gould

    This was a stellar episode. I counted 11 characters (if you include the dog), and with the 22 minutes of storytelling time that the writers had, they made use of every one of those characters and gave them all value.
    Yes, the story mostly revolved around Nick and Jess. And to show just how much Jess loves Nick, when he left her home alone she made a Nick dummy to talk to so that he would still be there for her. When she made the call for help, Schmidt answered the phone, but frantic Jess didn’t tell him the problem; she waited for Nick to get on the line. Then when the guys did return to the loft after her frantic phone call, it was Nick she ran to and put her arms around.
    But to be fair, when you go back and watch the episode and not focus on Nick and Jess, you see that everyone involved in this story was well played.
    It was brilliant, intensely funny, and romantic, and there were so many story levels I can’t even count them all.
    Great episode, great writing, and great acting. And I thought Pepperwood would be a hard one to top!

  • Jordyn Nicole Goshorn

    I’m SO jealous! I live in England and they’ve only aired the FIRST season of New Girl on E4! I think America is WAY ahead and it’s driving me insane that they wont air the next season(s) yet! I love Nick and I love Jess – the two of them together is beyond perfection! xx

    • Marty Gould

      One of my best mates lives in London, and he told me the same thing. And he was the guy who turned me on to Zooey in the first place because he loves and introduced me to She & Him.

    • Vienna Marie Taylor

      *ahem* watchitonline *ahem*

    • Lucy ‘Villa’ Percy

      I live in England too…but I’ve been watching Season 2 on Wednesday mornings our time **ONLINEAHEEMMMM**. I would catch up online cos E4 keep tweeting they technically don’t have the rights yet or something so it’ll be a while til they can show it…and Season 2 is incredible and needs to be watched!!

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