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Crush of the Week: Lee Pace

I hate being late to parties. It makes me even more awkward and out of step with everyone than usual. So, let me just apologize in advance for being late to the Lee Pace party.

Some of you might be scratching your head and going, “Who?” The rest of you…the cool ones who have been at this party for years…those of you who have screencaps of his adorable face in Wonderfalls…feel free to cross your arms and look at me smugly because you got here way before I did.

I would like to say the reason that I’m having a Lee Pace moment now (and not five years ago when the amazing Pushing Daisies initially aired) is because he slipped through my “hot-up-and-coming-British-and-Irish-actor” radar because he is a “hot-up-and-coming-American-actor.”  See, I make it a point to follow all British television productions and London stage reviews to get the scoop on who everyone’s going to be crushing on in five years. I would call it a hobby, but truly it is a passion. A calling. I knew who Michael Fassbender was over five years ago when he was on a terrible show called Hex. I’ve been waiting for Henry Cavill to break since he was the teen son in The Count of Monte Cristo. I was in love with Matthew Crawley back when he was Edward Ferras. Right now you all should be buying stock in Harry Lloyd, Joe Dempsie and Rory Kinnear. So, yeah, the all-American Lee Pace was not on my radar.

But I still have no excuse.

My best friend Dan was constantly blogging, emailing me and talking to me about Wonderfalls and Pushing Daisies. Of course, when it came to Pushing Daisies, his primary area of focus was Anna Friel, because Dan has a type, and that type is sweet, wide-eyed brunettes with geeky and silly vibes. Types are fine. My type is tall guys with old fashioned values, progressive politics, great hair, tons of smarts and a cheeky sense of humor. Anyway, that’s one of the reasons he was so adamant that I get on the Wonderfalls and Pushing Daisies train. I remember him repeatedly singing the praises of one Mr. Lee Pace and strongly hinting that I would enjoy the charms of one Mr. Lee Pace. I can’t explain why I didn’t trust him, but I can take this incident as strong proof that straight men and straight women can be friends and we can be wingmen for each other’s romantic fantasies, despite what the message of When Harry Met Sally suggested.

Anyway, back to Lee Pace.

You have no idea how angry I am with myself that I am only watching Pushing Daisies now. You have no idea how sad I am that the past five years of my life were not spent crushing on Lee Pace. He is golden.

Why is he so great?

  1. He is tall and handsome like a Disney prince. (See: any photo of Lee Pace wherein he is always tall and handsome)
  2. He can pull off the most human emotions and rakish charms in the craziest of situations. (See: Pushing Daisies and Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Part 2)
  3. He is a classically trained stage actor, which means he cannot only nail a sweet adorable lovelorn guy, but an inhumanely perfect Elf King who sired Orlando Bloom’s Legolas. (See: Pushing Daisies and The Hobbit flicks)
  4. He looks good in shirts. (See: Lee Pace in shirts)
  5. He’s got a young Jimmy Stewart all-American vibe, but he can also be bitingly funny. (See: Lee Pace in everything)

I could go on. Every time I see him I keep thinking how he’s kind of my ideal boyfriend, and what’s a crush but an ideal. Crushes are ideas of people that are better than people actually are. Lee Pace is one of those rare actors who can play idealized versions of people and yet ground them in human emotions. You feel for him.

For all these reasons (and due to the fact that I’m jazzed about comic books and Marvel in general), I’m super excited by the possibility that he might be Star Lord in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie. I will be honest and say that while I’m not the biggest Guardians of the Galaxy fan (as in it’s never been on my pull list), I think it could be a fun and wild sci-fi/Marvel hybrid flick, but it would need an actor who can ground all the craziness with tangible human charm and emotion, and Lee Pace can do that. He’s sort of hit the high notes of his career doing it. So, fingers crossed, he’ll be joining my beloved Marvel pantheon.

Anyway, with a superhero flick or without, Lee Pace has sort of ka-pow punched his way into my affections and I hope he doesn’t leave them.

(And YES, I KNOW I need to watch The Fall.)

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