Crush of the Week

Crush of the Week: Daniel Craig

My very first crushes were on boys with puppy dog eyes, slightly shaggy hair, crooked smiles and scrawny frames. I think this is true for most girls. I mean, look at the guys of One Direction, for instance. They’re handsome and adorable and cheeky and have great pop songs, but physically, they’re non-threatening. If Harry Styles picked a fight with me, I think I could take him. And Niall. At the same time. And I don’t even think I can imagine any of those boys picking any sort of fight. They seem more likely to settle late night bar arguments with a karaoke duel than a brawl in the streets.

What I’m saying is that my first crushes were all on boys.

As I got older, I started to crush on guys. Guys are men in their late teens to early thirties who have smirking eyes, trimmed hair, excellent bone structure, and toned, muscular bodies.  They settle bar arguments by cracking jokes and diffusing the tension with an eye roll and by ordering another round on them. No one gets punched, but since guys shy away from confrontation, they are very likely to dodge your texts or stop taking you out if they’re worried things are moving too fast–or too slow.

Then, something happened. I became a grown up and started noticing men. Full grown, rugged men who shoot hard liquor, wear tailored suits and have actually thrown a few punches in their lives. When I was a teen, men were really intimidating to me. I didn’t get the appeal. And then, I met Daniel Craig.

Okay, I’ve never met Daniel Craig. The closest I’ve ever gotten to the man in real life is when I was standing about three feet away from his new wife, Rachel Weisz, when she was leaving a Q&A for a screening of Deep Blue Sea at BAM. So, I’ve never “met” him. I was introduced to Daniel Craig–and the appeal of full grown men–when he played James Bond for the first time in Casino Royale. I haven’t seen Skyfall yet, but I have seen all of the ads for it, and let me just say, it’s so good to see Daniel Craig again.

Before I say anything else about Daniel Craig and why I adore him, take a moment and look into his eyes.

Daniel Craig’s eyes defy science. They are the color of pure, cool, blue water dripping off of a glacier. He can give a stare that seems to be carved out of ice, but somehow, his stare is never cold. Instead of feeling like you’re caught in the middle of a snowstorm without a scarf or hat or fingerless gloves or any sort of winter weather paraphenalia, when you look into Daniel Craig’s eyes you feel warmth. His eyes reveal a torrent of passion and emotion. You see a soul behind them. You see life. You see what you think is all of Daniel Craig.

Then you look at the rest of his face and his face is beautiful. It’s symmetrical and craggy. Strong, yet beautiful. Masculine, but possibly ready to cry.

Enough about his perfect face, though. Let’s talk about his perfect body. Daniel Craig is in perfect shape. You can tell this because of how he can film those long chase sequences in the Bond films without getting too winded or too red in the face. You can also tell this because of how he can jump over things like a cat. (I’m talking about that scene in Quantum of Solace where he’s jumping around his hotel like a panther, and panthers are types of cats.) You can tell this by how well he wears a tailored suit. You can tell this by how he exits the ocean in tiny swim trunks like he’s the sexist man to ever emerge from a body of water wearing next to nothing. You can tell this by the fact that in Casino Royale, they strip him completely naked, so you can visibly see how perfect his body is, and because in that scene, the villain remarks, “You’ve taken good care of your body.” When your arch-nemisis gives your workout routine props, you know your body is pretty close to perfect.

Daniel Craig is basically as perfect a man as they come. I mean, Idris Elba is also pretty perfect. As is Clive Owen. And Neil deGrasse Tyson. Okay, there are a lot of great men out there. However, only one of those men is James Bond right now, and that man is Daniel Craig, and Daniel Craig is the reason that I might end up seeing Skyfall alone in a theater today, and he might be the reason that men who wear suits, swill hard liquor and live dangerously turn me on.


Featured image via Screenrant