Crush of The Week – Bryan Greenberg

So guys, there was a post last week about Ryan Gosling that was just really pretty perfect. I was thinking about other guys that are great like that and thought of Bryan Greenberg. Like, have you seen Prime? Do you wish Meryl Streep was your therapist AND your mother? Do you now want to date Bryan Greenberg in that movie? The answer to all of those questions should be yes. He’s also in HBO’s How To Make It In America and is SO great.

Reasons Bryan Greenberg is crush worthy:

1 – That scene in Prime when he cleans his ears. If you haven’t seen this movie then you probably think this is weird and creepy. But I just can’t even tell you how endearing it really is.

2 – He’s also a musician. Just stop…(but like, don’t actually – you guys should go listen to his music here.)

3 – That scene in Prime when he takes Uma Thurman to eat dinner in front of a Rothko. It’s one of the most thoughtful dates I’ve ever seen.

4 – He’s friends with Kid Cudi. I don’t know why, I just feel like that’s something to note. I met Kid Cudi one time at this frat on Valentine’s Day (the worst place ever to be on Valentines Day, let me just say that right now…) and I feel like he’s only friends with really dope people… so BG must be really DOPE.

5- This new trailer for How To Make It In America – I AM SO EXCITED! It premiered last night on HBO at 10:30pm.

  • Samantha Peña

    I liked him in One Tree Hill. He was Jake, the young dad, one of Peyton’s lovers.

  • Rachel Tennial

    I also have had a crush on him since his OTH days! He sang on there several times and he is really talented. I fully back this choice!

  • Gabrielle Rousseau

    Yes! Jake from OTH! <3
    Very yummy in Prime.

  • Taylor Madison Russell

    So much BG love! I’ve been hooked since awful/amazing MTV movie, the perfect score.

  • Heather Black

    Loved him on OTH! Also, I recommend watching him in The Good Guy. YUM!

  • Lyndsay Miron

    I’ve loved him since Once Tree Hill! I agree that he’s a great musician…check out his stuff!

  • Lane Cleary

    He was CRAZY SEXY on One Tree Hill as the nicest most noncrazy teen dad to ever be portrayed on television.

  • Liz Haebe

    I saw Bryan Greenberg in concert once, and it was like looking at the sun. He’s so gosh darn pretty it hurt my feelings. I LOVE HIM! And, Prime is a GREAT movie!

  • Amanda Koldy

    Don’t forget about him from October Road! Short lived series, I personally think it could’ve last longer! Very talented guy, worthy of the “crush of the week” …and month, and year!

  • Anonymous

    Oh my goodness, Prime…love this. I have had a crush on this hunk of man for years. What a guy.

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