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Crush Alert: 8 Semi-Bizarre Guys I had Crushes On

I had my first crush in kindergarten. Naturally, it’s only escalated from there. Here’s a list of people I’ve seriously had crushes on and why. (This will make you feel awesome and way normal, promise.)

Every. Single. Lawrence Brother

First was Joey, ‘cause who could resist that “Whoa” from Blossom (and that perfect head of hair.) (Side note: What’s this bald thing about, Joey? Or should I say Joseph?) Next, was Matthew, which really started around the time of Mrs. Doubtfire but went full-force when he joined the cast of Boy Meets World. (What can I say, I was a sucker for those pearly whites.) When I realized that the eight-year age difference might make it hard to snag him (clearly, I was totally not delusional as a teen) I turned to the youngest of the bros: Andrew. We were born in the same year! In the same month! It was destiny.

Erik von Detten

Brink! aka my favorite Disney channel movie was really the start of this man’s place in my heart. From his blonde, middle-parted hair that hung slightly in his eyes, to his inline skates, there was no looking back. Shortly after, he starred in So Weird, which was a pretty great TV show based on paranormal activity (this coming from a girl who was obsessed with The People Under The Stairs by Wes Craven and Unsolved Mysteries at a very young age. But that’s another story for another article…)

That Other Guy from So Weird…

Speaking of So Weird, Erik’s character had an older brother that I was also slightly obsessed with. (Hey, I’m not the only one who was, apparently: He starred in Mandy Moore’s music video for ‘Crush’.) Oh, his name? If you must know, it’s Eric Lively. The fact that I had to Google this should really tell you a lot. (He’s apparently gone on to do other things that were less Disney-centric, but really that’s of no consequence to me.)

Ryan Sheckler

If my attraction to inline skaters didn’t signal it, I was a fan of those into the “extreme sports”. That really just meant one thing: Ryan Sheckler. Full disclosure: I have Life of Ryan on DVD, though I’m not proud of it.

Zac Efron

I know what you’re thinking: Everyone thinks Zac Efron is hot. You kind of have to be blind not to. But look, I had a crush on the kid when he had that weird mess of hair and the slight gap in his front teeth, circa High School Musical. (As in the first one). Seriously, now he’s just almost too pretty for me to consider him seriously as crush material. (Though if you’re reading this, Zac, I was totally kidding about that last part. Call me.)

Trent from Daria

Okay, I get that he’s a cartoon guys, don’t get me wrong. Geezus, I’m not that weird. But let’s get real: If Trent was a person in real-life, he’d be pretty hot (and totally my type). Am I wrong? NO.

Please tell me I’m not alone in my taste for the bizarre. Who were your weird crushes?

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