I just found out that dogs are learning to drive in New Zealand. A local charity has taken rescued dogs and trained them for weeks in order to prove how intelligent animals can be. These dogs are now able to put the car in gear, hit the accelerator and start driving. They can even steer the cars when told. Part of me is excited. I mean, it is pretty unbelievable and I think dogs will look really adorable behind the wheel. But, another part of me feels threatened. I just got my license a couple of months ago. It took me an extremely long time to learn to drive and I’ve nowhere near mastered it. In fact, I’m still pretty terrible at it. It is bad enough to feel like the worst driver in comparison to all humans and now I’ll have to compare myself to dogs. It just doesn’t seem fair. Plus dogs are better at a lot of things than me. Here is a list:

  1. Making friends
  2. Looking cute
  3. Sleeping
  4. Exercising Regularly
  5. Confidence
  6. Self-Restraint When It Comes to Spending Money
  7. No Fear of Squirrels
  8. Stronger, More Forceful Voice
  9. Making Decisions
  10. Handling Their Emotions

And now driving. Also they look a lot better when they drive then I do. Here is a photo gallery to prove it. Although some of these pictures aren’t real, I think we can all agree that these dogs are ready to rule the road.

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