Cringe-Worthy Trends of the Oughts

The 90’s are having a real comeback, sartorially speaking. Lots of Gigglers are fans of the finer fruits borne out of the ’90s and early ’00s. I love Lisa Frank, I do. But what of the more cringe-worthy trends that coexisted with the grunge plaid / purple lip / combat boot / gauzy front-slit skirt with shimmery overlay and matching crop-top? Or that were born from them? Economists and trend forecasters point out that trends cycle every 20 years. There’s even a baseline trend algorithm that explains it mathematically. Talk about geek chic. I’m not the authorial expert on it; I almost failed Algebra. But all my Googling got me thinking.  What’s going to happen when certain cringe-worthy trends come back in the next decade or two? Will we embrace? Shun? Refine and repurpose? Sometimes you have to look back to see forward. Let’s take a walk down memory lane:

Sweatpants with words across the bottom – This happened. Words talking about our derrières as luscious, tasty and any other number of mouth-watering adjectives. We were walking billboards. Look here. It’s good. Nom nom. Who’s to say this won’t come back with… emoticons?

Fake Vintage T-Shirts – Isn’t the purpose of a vintage t-shirt that it represents an actual attendance of the event? I get behind buying a shirt on Etsy or eBay if you weren’t able to make a concert series. I’m iffy on reissued screen prints that start at $100. Although I would probably pay for a Spice Girls version. Life is hard sometimes.

Capris – Are they pants? Are they shorts? Are they heavens forbid jhorts? The only person who can pull these off, IMO, is Jennifer Aniston, because she’s Jennifer Aniston. Totes poss they’re coming back in a big way, though.

Crocs – They’re still popular. I have  a pair that I wore one time (bible) during college. I bring them out from time to time and debate rocking them. I waffle. Difficult to believe it was 1o years ago these bad boys were introduced to the world. They’re cute as pie on chiluns but more difficult to pull off over the age of 12. Crocs couture on the horizon? A gold leaf croc? Croc-stilettos? The world is our oyster.