Crimping Irons, Scrunchies and Hairspray: The Best Hairstyles of the 1980s

For today’s gallery I decided to take a look at the hairstyles of the 1980s. A time period remembered for some of the biggest, baddest and most unique hairstyles that required so much aerosol hairspray that we can probably place most of the blame on them for global warming.

 Some of the hairstyles I found will shock you, but I think we can all find beauty in each unique style. And if we can’t find beauty, we can at least appreciate the time and effort that was taken to create these breathtaking and wondrous looks.

I’ve curled and gelled my bangs specifically so I could pose like this and look almost exactly like my favorite bird, the cockatoo. This is my mating call.

I don’t know what’s coming out of my head, but I think I like it.

The only heart I’m not breaking is Billy Ray Cyrus’s.

I keep this rattail to remind me of the kid I used to be, a kid who used to be afraid to climb over this fence. But, today, Rattail and me will conquer this fear.

Yeah, I’m bad and manly. This hair took 7 hours to do. I’m also wearing makeup.

I’m part lion.

I’m edgy. I’m chic. I’m stylish…I’m scared and slightly uncomfortable.

Three hair-wrongs will make a right…right?

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