"Crazy Horses" (1972)

“Crazy Horses” reached number one in the Netherlands, two in the UK and number five in Germany in 1972, but topped out at 14 in the US and 12 in Canada, maybe because audiences were still surprised to find Utah’s former barbershop boys with their squeaky clean Mormon background serving up anything more than escapist saccharine fluffpop. This title track from the Osmonds’ album of the same name was written by three of the brothers as a serious commentary about air pollution, but laughably misguided assumptions at the time that “horses” referred to heroin (Seriously? WTF? These dudes??) led South Africa to actually ban this now frequently-covered modernday metal faveThis particular performance comes from the final episode of an influential German televised music series called Beat-Club, originally airing on New Year’s Eve of 1972.  For those of us quarterbacking for the kitsch squad, this bad boy is a hall-of-famer. You’ve got your drummer Osmond, Jay, on lead vocals; a second solo by your bass-playing Osmond, Merrill; young Donny making it wail like a banshee on the keybs, and some of the nuttiest dance moves ever seen outside of a dashboard hula doll in a particle accelerator. The fonts! The fashions! I die! [via Two Monkeys on YouTube]

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