Level UpCrafty Gamers: "Huckums" Mini Video Game Inspired Piñata DestroyersMichele Morrow

“Get your Huck on with personal-sized piñata destroyers.  These little guys enjoy being thrown and admired.”

I’ve always loved piñatas.  There’s nothing like blindfolding a person, putting a bat in their hands and spinning them around three times.  Amirite?

Sadly, there’s always someone at the party left disappointed – they didn’t get a shot with the bat or they didn’t get any candy. /sadface

We now have a solution!!

Huckums allow everyone their own personal video game inspired piñatas:

Super Mario Bros. 1-Up Mushroom

Creator and designer Michael Jhay Jacinto grew up with a love for video games.  Jacinto says, “I’ve created Huckums to fuel my imagination.  Trying so desperately to not grow up.”

I’m with ya, dude.

So, it’s easy.  Look at the logo (IT’S A UNICORN “H” – I LOVE THESE PEOPLE).  Just open the hatch, stuff it with candy and Huck it against a wall to burst a rainbow of sugary treats!

Super Mario Bros. 1-Up Mushroom’s Huckums Hatch

According to the Huckum website:

“Huckums are 4.5 inches in diameter and ready to catch some candy!

This awesome paper mache ball is less than 1 pound (unfilled) and has multiple purposes.

Fill it up with candy and let it fly. Mini Huckums can also be used to throw at an even bigger piñata.

Each mini Huckum has an easy to open and close flap on the back that can be used for candy or whatever special goody you want.”

Kirby Link Huckum – It’s A Perfect Handful

Jacinto was initially inspired by two massively popular games:  Nintendo’s Pokémon and Rovio’s Angry Birds.  The play-style of these games fit precisely into the Huckum piñata concept:   MINI-BATTLES WITH CANDY!!!

 Multi-colored Angry Birds and Hungry Green Pig

Poké Ball Huckum Destroyers

I contacted Jacinto and asked him about Huckum availability.  They’re constantly selling out of these things but are also constantly making them.  They recently moved over to Etsy in February 2012 while they revamp their website.  If any order is “sold out”, simply contact Huckums and they will fulfill your order.  Currently, the individual price for each Huckum is approximately $6.00, but is discounted when you order a set of five (around $25.00, depending on your order).

I was very happy to discover that Huckums will create personalized orders!  The possibilities are endless.  They’re currently working on Mario, Peach and Luigi Huckums, a Zombie collection, and Ms. Pac-Man with all her ghosts – among other “secret” projects.  This is an awesome gift for the video game lover in your life.  I’ve asked Huckums to make Resident Evil Umbrellas as well as Horde and Alliance inspired emblems from World of Warcraft.  You name it, they can make it.

Super Mario Bros. Question Mark Block

My sister sent me a Pac-Man Huckum for my birthday last week, filled with Nerd Ropes and 3-pack Sweet Tarts.  I didn’t have the heart to hurl him against the wall…

Pac-Man Huckum

… but I’d definitely smash some Alliance.  #HordeForLife





Have any questions? Contact Huckums.

Featured and Additional Images Via: Huckums

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    Nicole G – Lynds, thank you so much for posting the link to the blog about the motehr raising her daughters. I needed that more than you could ever know. I am at work bawling right now as I type. My 4 year old DD is sooo stubborn and really testing us right now. I have not been the best mommy because of it. That post on her blog really put things into perspective for me and really called me out on my shortcomings lately. Thank you so much for that reminder of how priviledged I am to have my Olivia and how I need to do better and be a better person for myself and her.January 16, 2010 8:39 am

  • http://www.facebook.com/michelemorrow Michele Morrow


    They got shut down today from the high traffic from my post – even though Etsy has so many “copyright” issues on jewelry, etc – they are finishing their website asap. Please find his facebook page if you’d like a personal pinata <3

  • http://www.facebook.com/brian.p.otoole Brian Patrick O’Toole

    Perfect Easter gifts! Huckums are very cute and clever! Thanks for sharing this amazing guy’s talents with us!

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