Crafternoon with Zooey D

Are you an unmedicated adult with Attention Deficit Disorder who also LOVES to do crafts? I AM! I barely have the patience to write this opening paragraph (I have already gotten up four times), so I need to focus my unfocused mind on projects that can be completed very quickly. Am I going to knit a scarf? NO! Will I knit a scarf for a bunny? I don’t know. Maybe, if it’s a really small field bunny and I am knitting with giant knitting needles. I recognize I will never complete something that takes any kind of patience (sorry needlepoint) so I decided to focus this blog on crafts I CAN complete.

Today’s crafty craft: A (very simple) drawstring bag

What you will need:

1. A square of fabric. Mine is about a foot and a half each side but I am too lazy to measure it. Plus, it doesn’t REALLY matter. Hopefully the fabric has a cool print because this is a really simple bag.

2. A sewing maching. I have a HELLO KITTY Janome sewing machine. It’s awesome.

3. Thread for the sewing machine. I mean, clearly.

4. Ribbon. This will act as the drawstring.

5. A safety pin. Everyone has one somewhere. I am guessing if you have a sewing machine, you have a safety pin.


1. Hem two parallel sides of the square. In case you don’t know what hemming is: fold a quarter of an inch of fabric over on to the non-printed side, then fold again. Sew it down.

SO INSIDE OUT, IT WILL LOOK LIKE THIS (notice the hemmed edges, friends)

2. Sew the third edge down (fold under if you’re fancy, I am) leaving a tunnel big enough to fit your ribbon, for me about an inch and a half.

3. Fold the material in half between the two hemmed parallel edges, INSIDE OUT, and sew together the raw edges and the hemmed edges. Stop when you get to the aforementioned ribbon pathway.

4. Turn the bag right side in.

5. Attach a safety pin to the ribbon.

6. Feed the ribbon into the ribbon tunnel.

7. Remove safety pin.


Total project time: 15 minutes
Functionality: It will hold approximately 1 child’s shoe, a manicure kit, or a rolled up t-shirt and possibly a pair of tennis socks.

Okay. That’s quite enough.

Zooey Deschanel writes music, sings, and acts on screens, small and big. She is a co-founder of hellogiggles. She is one half of the indie folk band She & Him . She dances too but just for fun. Follow her on twitter and tumblr.

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