Cozy Faux for the HolidaysHelloGiggles Team

The Holidays are all about comfort and no one knows that better than Cozy Faux. What’s a Cozy Faux? Oh, just the most comfortable blanket ever. We’re not kidding. Cozy Faux recently sent a few blankets to the HelloGiggles HQ and we can’t unwrap ourselves from them.

Our co-founder, Molly, getting her cozy on. 

Cozy Faux is the perfect holiday gift for anyone. Give it to your Mom and let her know who much you appreciate her keeping you comfortable for the holidays. Give it to your sister on her way to college so she will always feel loved even when she’s away from home. Or maybe just buy yourself one!

Cozy Faux is available online here in many fabulous patterns.

  • Carrie Larson

    My son and I LOOOOOVE our Cozy Fauxs!

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