Couple With Down Syndrome Crowned Homecoming Queen And King, A First For Florida,

To clear up any misconceptions, the captain of the football team wants everyone to know, “We are not doing this because we feel bad for them or anything like that. We are doing this because we genuinely like Bubba and Semone.”

Bravo, West Orange High School!

  • Jennifer Burger

    I’m glad the football captain cleared this up because when I first heard this story last week, my first inclination was that they felt bad for the couple. I’m not normally pessimistic, but I know how mentally disabled teenagers can be treated. My older sister is mentally disabled, and while treated kindly by those who know her, she was victimized by others. This story definitely gives me hope in the next generation!

  • Emily Hartbarger

    Of course they genuinely like them, because they are GENUINE people! The world would move a lot differently if we harbored similar happiness in our hearts.

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