Could Kris Humphries Kause the Kardashians to Krumble?

Admit it – you really don’t want to read this article. Another Kardashian story? When will it stop?! If it’s up to Kris Humphries, he will single-handedly destroy the Kardashian name and empire sometime this year. By now, everyone knows he is embroiled in a messy divorce that is lasting nearly seven times as long as his marriage did. What could a couple only married 72 days with a prenup have to fight over? If you haven’t been living under a rock, you know he wants his marriage annulled instead of a divorce because, 1) he is “religious” and doesn’t believe in divorce and 2) he believes he was fraudulently dragged into marrying Kim for publicity, which would be his only legal grounds for getting an annulment.

Like any normal human being, Kim just wants this chapter of her life behind her and has already moved on with Kanye West and their unborn (but surely glamorous) fetus. But Humphries is adamant that he will drag out this divorce as long as it takes to put not only Kim, but reality TV on trial.

So the real question now, is could Humpries “blow the lid off reality televsion?” And if so, does it even matter? Obviously most fans know they’re buying into an edited, set up reality show, but do their biggest fans get that? The Kardashian empire feeds off of the unbending loyalty of their die-hard fans who believe they are getting an honest peak into their ritzy daily lives. The appeal of the Kardashians is how open they are and how much of their real lives they share with their fans. Humphries’ has already had E! producers deposed and asked questions about scripts and possible staging for the Kardashian shows.

Do you think he can actually tear down the Kardashian empire? Humphries is so hard to root for, yet the idea of a douchey jock being able to crumble an overexposed television dynasty is admittedly a little appealing.

But Humphries’ fight seems to be fading as just this week his soon to be ex-lawyer, Marshall Waller allegedly believes there are no legal grounds for an annulment. Sounds like even his lawyers are starting to realize the ridiculousness of his claims.

I think when the dust settles, everyone knows there is a little deception to any reality television show and for the most part, audiences are just fine with it. Plus, Kim has mentioned several times that Humpries has benefited from their marriage both financially as well as becoming a bigger name. I’m writing about him right now and I have no idea what team he even plays for. That’s proof enough for me. As Kourtney Kardashian so eloquently expressed to David Letterman, “I think if [Kim] was going to do it for publicity, she’d pick someone that people knew.”

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  • Virnalisa Ureña

    Lol … He plays for the Brooklyn Nets. And it is true nobody knew who he was until he married Kim.

  • Bri Seeley

    “I think if [Kim] was going to do it for publicity, she’d pick someone that people knew.” ……AKA Kanye West……

  • Amelia Shister

    So I knew who Kris Humphries was… and she picked him because his name started with a K (the Kardashians have a thing for that for some stupid reason) – obvi. But seriously, remember that time Kim Kardashian thought she could get a star on Hollywood’s walk of fame?

    Stop trying to make Kim Kardashian happen… she is never going to happen!

  • Emily Jenkins

    I really don’t understand why everyone hates Kris Humphries. He said even before he married Kim that he doesn’t believe in divorce and he seemed genuinely upset when Kim wouldn’t take his last name. It is just a reality show so no one really knows what is true and what is fabricated but I have a feeling Kris is not as bad as Kim made him out to be. I think Kim wanted to blow 10 million to play house and thought she might as well start a family too since she wasn’t getting any younger but then Kanye came along and she decided she wanted to start a family with someone with a bigger name and who wasn’t as much of a traditionalist as Kris. It was stupid for Kris to marry into a family that is known to be so conceited and not see something like this comming… but that does not make Kris a bad person.

  • Alexandrea J. Wilson

    I agree with you totally-except that this is appealing cause it isn’t. lol I’m just playing. I just need this dude to just step aside and get over himself. I mean he’s already started dating-even had a girlfriend-it’s like why don’t you just go and live your life? Be with your girl and let Kim do her thing. I mean there is bitter and than there is Kris Humphries. lol
    He needs to just move it along. And I’m glad that the lawyer quit because it does show a pattern. So *shrug* ah well

  • Hana Whitmire

    I watch the show and I don’t even like Kim, but Kris is still totally in the wrong here. He knew what he was getting into when he married Kim Kardashian when they barely even knew each other. People who don’t even watch the show would know what they’re getting into marrying her. He should just grant her the divorce and put it behind them. It’s not like she’s going to be changing her mind and stay married to him.

  • Colleen Sweeney

    I thought Kris might have been asking for an annulment because it pretty much implies the marriage never happened. I don’t know all that much, but I figured it was because he didn’t want to carry around a piece of paper the next time he decided to get married saying that he’d been married before and it was null and void. I don’t like Kim, and I am not entirely sure that anything they do isn’t scripted. All reality television is scripted in some way, and I don’t buy into the whole “our lives are real” junk they spew for the masses.

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