Giggles and Glue GunsCOUCHella: DIY Your Own CoachellaMr. Kate

Apparently Coachella is the place to be! …but I’m not there! Are you?

If your answer is NOchella, have no fear, just DIY your own COUCHella at your HOMEchella!


  • A meticulously put-together, laid-back outfit – think: cut-off shorts, hippie tops, platform sandals, fringe, tie dye, lace.
  • Music
  • A headpiece – mine is from my Mr. Kate jewelry line!
  • Hippie hair extensions – read more about clip-in hair extensions here.
  • Indie face-paint – try an orange lipstick!
  • Party drinks – alcohol not necessary, just blend some fruit!
  • Carnival food aka Tofurky on a stick!
  • The great outdoors – open the door!
  • Friends – furry ones count!
  • A cute boy
  • A couch
  • A DVR with all your favorite shows…


  • Anonymous

    r20VtR hcyospwuakzm

  • Anonymous

    Hello, we met briefly @ Borders befroe I moved to Germany. LOOOOOOOVE the new queso. I was experiencing a serious craving for cheese. Glad you’re back. Love Austin too and look forward to the new adventures of su familia en Austin.

  • Grasie Mercedes

    you’re amazing!

  • Vanessa Ayala

    or watch the coachella live stream on Youtube!

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