Corey Feldman's ‘DUH' Is… Well, Decide For Yourself

Sooooo I’ll just copy/paste the info Corey uploaded the video with:

Directed by Tanna Fredrick, featuring Corey’s Angels. Here is the OFFICIAL release of Coreys 2nd video which is also the 2nd single off “1st Glimpse of Heaven” Coreys 5 song EP which is available now on iTunes. 1st Glimpse is a taste of Coreys forthcoming solo album “Angelic 2 the Core” which is due out in the summer. “DUH!” is a funny and sexy spoof on TV through the years. Cleverly lampooning everything from Corey himself, to 50’s style sitcoms. He amusingly fuses reality television with a hip hop video, and a little homage to the classic “I Love Lucy” TV show as well. The video is Directed by and Starring comedic actress and co star of Coreys new movie “The M Word” (In Theatres April 30) Tanna Fredrick as Corey’s jealous wife.The video also features cameos from lots of smokin hot Corey’s Angels including Kaya Jones (Pussycat Dolls) Daisy De LaHoya (Rock of Love/Daisy of Love), and of course his “Maingel” Angel Courtney Ann as his Angelic Mistresses. The video was choreographed by Corey and B Howards personal dancer (Sir) Romeo. Produced by Adam Cook, Jo Amari, and Ron Vingone

  • Chaniqua Crook

    I can only hope that the state of the video itself is meant to be comedic and therefore, succeeds in its effort to be a high-quality piece of shit. I never laughed or even smiled at this video. It was shot beautifully and the costumes and sets are pretty nice but that’s about as far as I can go with compliments. To those who also waste their time with this, I guess all I can say is…”duh.”

  • Katy Hearne

    What just happened?

  • Amanda C

    Oh Corey… his music videos never fail to excite my friends and I. We’ve seen him perform live and it’s just as erratic. It’s entertaining at first, but then it gets a little sad. And yet…I can’t….look…away….

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