Coolest. Dad. Ever.

Most of us have a hard time dealing with loss or even the possibility of it. It’s scary when someone we love is ill, especially when they’re far along enough in life for it to be seriously threatening.

Jason Lee, however, took his talent – photography – and used his creativity to bring joy into a hard situation. His mother was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma six years ago, so he couldn’t always bring over his daughters. Kids are always getting colds and bringing home germs, and you can’t really take them to Grandma’s house like that when Grandma’s immune system is so fragile.

And so, with his creativity and professional photographer skills in tow, Jason started taking photographs of his daughters so that he could show them to his mother! Below are my favorite shots. Try not to make squeaky noises as you scroll through these adorable pics:


All photos by Jason Lee