Contest: Love Your Mom? Nelly Furtado Wants to Hear About It!

Listen, don’t front like Nelly Furtado’s new single ‘Big Hoops (Bigger the Better)’ isn’t one of the best songs of the summer. Sure, it’s not summer yet, but you know what I mean. That track is pretty much my personal anthem, as anyone who knows me knows that I have an obsession with giant earrings of all sorts, especially hoops. Seriously – I bought five new pairs just the other day. It’s a bit of a problem.

Anyway, that’s hardly the point. It’s Mother’s Day in the US on Sunday and as a mom herself to a lovely 8-year-old daughter named Nevis, Nelly knows just how tough a job being a mom can be. I’m not even a mom and I know how tough it can be. Really, really tough.

In conjunction with her forthcoming album Spirit Indestructible, Nelly wants to hear from YOU, HelloGiggles readers, about your own mother’s spirit. How has she displayed strength? In what ways has your mom come through for you when no one else has? Is your mom your best friend? Seriously, she (and we) wants to know!

To that end, we invite you to share stories about your mom’s “spirit indestructible” in the comments section below. Nelly herself will read your entries and pick her favourite to be featured on her Facebook page for Mother’s Day! Not only that, the top three entries will win a signed Nelly Furtado lithograph to sweeten the deal.

So honour your mom by telling everyone else just how great she is. After all, it’s silly that Mother’s Day is only once a year when the job is year-round! Let her know just how much you appreciate her by sharing your love below!

Don’t forget to pick up Nelly Furtado’s Spirit Indestructible on June 19 and stay tuned for our chat with the lady herself in the coming weeks!

  • Christina Martinez

    I’m one of those kids who know their mom is the most beautiful woman in the world. In the times that she wouldn’t let me go out, put up my bad report cards up to make me do better, cut off our phone line so I would study, divorced my dad because she knew she could do the job better by herself, has made me the person I am today. She’s made hard choices which we didn’t always like but it’s made me resilient, responsible, respectful, adventurous, and all the other attributes a girl needs to become a great woman. She has had many trials in her life but her smiling face wouldn’t show a trace of it. Como te amo mi querida mama! Her joy is my heart’s song and I love to hear it play. Love you mom!

  • Sarah Stoner

    I didn’t truly appreciate my Mother until I had my first son. When I held him for the first time, I realized how much my Mom loved me and it was overwhelming. To actually feel how much she loved me when I held him was amazing. She has always been there for me. I struggled with depression for over 10 years and her message to me was simple; that I would “be ok”. When I couldn’t believe that myself, I held on to the hope that she was right, and she was. My Mom truly is my best friend. We talk at LEAST once a day. My Dad has said he always knows when she’s talking to me because she’s laughing so much, and my husband has said the same thing here. The hardest part so far, has been when she lost her Mom, my grandmother, a little over a year ago. To see her go through such a loss, made me realize how precious a mother/daughter relationship is. The love between a mother and child is indescribable, and I am so grateful to have that with her, and to pass it on to my sons. She came and took care of me, when I had both of my sons. She took care of me, so that I could take care of them. When I did a walk for charity in my grandmother’s name, she drove 2 hours to come and walk with me and my family. I am thankful every day that I have such an amazing mother, and wish everyone could have someone like her in their lives. Love you Mom!!

  • Laila Wani

    From birth, I’ve been obsessed with my mother. To this day, she tells stories of how I would cry when other people tried to hold me and how I never went anywhere without her. This was for good reason because she was, and always will be, the most amazing woman that I know. She is a single mother, but that description alone doesn’t do her justice. She is a teacher, an author, a playwright, a jewelry maker,a cook and a counselor. I appreciated her as a child, but now that I’m in college and out of the house, I am in awe of her. I try everyday to be as charming and brilliant as she is. People who come in contact with her, fall in love with her after a few minutes after short conversations. She is an amazing listener, she nurtures every one of my interests though I’m sure they don’t all fascinate her. In her life she has dealt with abuse, two divorces, money problems, the death of a child and one child being arrested three times. As I’ve grown older, I’ve watched her strength grow as she admitted when days were tough to get through. I learned from her to never be embarrassed to ask for help. She encourages me to keep learning and striving to be a better person. My mom is truly my best friend, always listening to my problems and cheering me on during my triumphs. I don’t keep parts of my life hidden from her because I need her presence in all of my life to keep it running normally. I can only pray that I am as influential to my children as she has been for me.

  • Robin Lia Whitaker

    Lessons from Mom
    In her teens she ran away from home to escape sexual abuse – I learned strength.
    In her 20’s she left a cheating husband, with two young kids in tow – I learned responsibility.
    In her 30’s she met my Dad, fell in love, and 11 days later got married – I learned to follow your heart.
    In her 40’s she gave birth to my brother and me – I learned you can do what you want regardless of age.
    In her 50’s she rocked it as a working mom/PTA president/volunteer – I learned the importance of sharing one’s time and skills.
    In her 60’s I saw her cry for the first time, tears dropping on an open bible, while she prayed for the resources needed to send my brother and I off to college.
    She lost my father, and 3 months later had a massive stroke that left her partially paralyzed. I learned that all things are possible through Jesus Christ which gives one strength.
    In her 70’s she took up painting, tai chi, and learned how to tap dance with one good leg while sitting in a wheelchair – I learned that learning never ends, and happiness is a choice.
    In her 80’s she has to rely on nurses to bathe her, clothe her, and move her around. Her teeth are gone, she wears diapers, and she tires easily. She loves holding hands, backrubs, visits with the grandkids, a mocha, and sitting outside in the sunshine and fresh air. I’ve learned that life is full of ups and downs, good times and bad – but that at the end of the day one’s life is not defined by money or things. It’s defined by the choices you make, the faith you live by, the happiness you contain, and the love you share.
    I love you Mom! xxoo

    • Sarah Stoner

      This is so beautifully written.

  • Melissa Lloyd
  • Courtney Sailors

    My Mom was and always will be the strongest, most beautiful woman in the world. I only say, “was,” because she passed away on Mother’s Day when I was 8-years-old. Yes, I’m fully aware that it sounds like a sad, ironic Alanis Morissette lyric, but unfortunately, it’s the truth. My Mom actually introduced me to the melodic magic of Alanis Morissette, along with many other inspiring female artists, and I am beyond grateful for that, because music has definitely played a crucial role in my life. In fact, this might sound ridiculous, but after my Mom passed, a part of me (obviously the crazy part) was convinced that she quickly reincarnated herself into Madonna. “Ray of Light” was our song, and that CD was in her car’s disc player when she died; I still have that CD and I treat it like the last unicorn. Nevertheless, my Mom taught me so much more than good music; she taught me friendship, she taught me beauty, she taught me love. I was so lucky to have a Mom who vocalized and illustrated that kickboxing is more beautiful than Botox; that our flaws make us unique. I remember watching my Mother in awe, thinking to myself: I cannot wait to grow up so I can be just like her. After she passed away, I lost that desire to grow up, I lost my confidence, I lost a part of myself; she was the only person who understood me, who made me feel worthy. However, my Mother did not teach me to be a Debbie Downer, she taught me that self-worthiness is derived from within, not from others. Even though she’s gone, her indestructible spirit lives on; she will forever be my role model, my best friend, my ray of light. At the end of the day, I am so proud to be my Mother’s daughter.

  • Marianna Tabares

    My mom always stands up for me way more than my friends, especially during relationship issues. I was once living with a boyfriend who, 2 weeks into us moving together, broke up with me. I lived there for 2 more weeks and it was a tense time. I left one night to go to the movies with my brother and the ex was at some party with his parents. My mom called him asking where I was and why he would leave me all alone in a big house (she pretended she didn’t know where I was), then she gave him a verbal lashing for being so careless with me. All the things I couldn’t say to him because I couldn’t find the words, she said for me and she held him responsible.
    Years before, while I was with my first boyfriend, we learned that a female friend of mine had gone to his house and left a greeting card on his door, then later called him asking for a ride to work. He called me and let me know what happened and I was bothered that a girl friend would be hounding my boyfriend. Told my mom about it and that same evening, that girl came over for a visit. My mom then confronted her and said she should have more respect than to be going after a friend’s boyfriend when she could just as easily have asked her female friends for help. It wasn’t the nicest thing to do, but my mom, again, was the only one who spoke for me when I was too scared to be confrontational.
    Now, I’m not as mean as she is, but I’ve learned to realize moments when I’m being treated unfairly and to DO something about them. She’s quite the ride or die homie and hell, she supported my brother and I after my dad left and put up with being treated unfairly at work while her male coworkers got paid more for less work.
    GO MOM!

  • Marília Lima

    Speak of my mother is so difficult … It’s not like when people ask me if it’s okay or if I’m doing well in school … It is something that requires a complement, a story with beginning, middle and unending. My mother is like a heroine. I am the youngest daughter of her, I’m 15 years and during that time she managed to take care of me and my three brothers. I wonder when she had her first child, my brothers … How difficult was taking care of twins with no experience of being a mother … How should it be horrible to be with two children crying all day, sleeping late because of them … She had extreme dedication and love for both. One year later my other brother was born. She was taking care of three children at home. I wonder how the house must have been a mess. And she dedicated each day to care for them. Four years later, I was born, the first (and only) girl of the family. It must be very hard to care for four children at home, but even so my mother could. My mom is a heroine who always helps me when I need, makes me smile when I’m crying, is always beside me in joy and sorrow. When I come back sad / crying from somewhere, such as school, my mother advised me and makes me laugh, and even when I want to be alone, she’s beside me making me smile. If people knew how much she inspires me by until now devote to their children…. My mother, my life, my heroine, my love, my best friend, my inspiration, Thanks for all. I love you, mommy and I will always love you.

  • Die-go Gerena Quiñones

    Today is the Mother’s day here in Colombia too…I can’t say all the good thing of my mother cuz my english is not 100% good, but I’ll try. My Mother really have a Spirit indestructible, around seven years Ago, when My Little brother was jut 1 year old (now he is 8 years old Like Nevis) my father betrayed her with other woman, she felt really really sad, but she kept working to make a great future for us, she had to work alone to get money, and she always thinks more about us than about her self, When she does not have enough money to buy food for all, she doesn’t matter that she doesn’t eat, she is happy if we eat :) Fortunately now the things are getting better, we still have problems of money, but around 2 years ago she fixed her heart and felt in love again and now she is happy, they are planing to get married the next year when we have our own house 😀 Thats why I say she have a Spirit indestructible, Is nice to see her smiling after all those bad things. :)

    Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers, they always make the impossible to make us Happy :)

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