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Confessions of a Second Grader

I decided to sit down and write this article on behalf of my little sister. When I look back at my days in grade school, I remember nothing but good things: playing on the tire swing during recess, learning how to make things float in big tubs of water and making little ceramic paper clip holders in art class. My goodness those were the days and I had the bestest friends ever! It wasn’t until middle school that I had a taste of bullying, but who didn’t? Everyone agrees that middle school is known as the “awkward” days.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t until my sister started kindergarten that I realized bullying is starting at a younger age.  Yes, it’s true – it’s starting that early, and I have my little sister’s story to prove it.

My bubbly, blue-eyed, blond haired 7-year-old sister started getting picked on ever since playing with the kids in the neighborhood outside. I’m so proud of how friendly she is to everyone she meets, and she has nothing to say but good things about everyone! Sadly enough, the other kids found out right away that my sister is quite the softy and very sensitive, but way too forgiving. So as a game, they would often run away from her, hide from her and sometimes play out in front of our house, and not even ask her to come out and play. This lead to my sister to become extremely confused, come home crying and always ask me, “how come the other kids don’t like me?”

Then, once school started, I remember my sister asking me if she could have a “Disney Princess” birthday.  In my eyes, she is allowed to like Cinderella for a lot longer after 5-years-old (I’m pretty sure I wore a Mickey Mouse sweatshirt till 4th grade), but I guess the other little girls didn’t think so. She came home upset telling me that one of the girls would not come to her party unless it’s a “Hannah Montana” party. Now, I know you think this is juvenile and my little sister should have rolled her eyes at the girl, but come on! When I was 5, I didn’t care what the party theme was – I was there!

My sister is now in 2nd grade and the bullying hasn’t settled. My mother finally had an encounter with my sister’s brownie leader. The brownie leader confirmed that the other girls were in fact, bullying my sister. My mother and the brownie leader both brought up the issue to the principle, but the school failed to do anything after several attempts. With my sister falling behind in class and the high level of stress it was causing her, we pulled her out of school and into a public institution.

For two weeks now, she has had more involvement with the teacher, she’s learning faster and now being taught Spanish – COOL!

However, the principle of it all still hurts me and I’m already trying to figure out how to explain this to my little sister when she gets older. Also, another issue we will have to face down the road is whether or not we’ll send her back to the public middle school causing her to face these girls once again.

And guess what – it’s happened to even the biggest teen stars of today. Check out Bella Thorne’s video regarding her own story about being bullied. It started happening when she was 5 or 6 years old.

This isn’t just bad luck for my sister, it’s happening to a lot of kids. Every child has the right to a fabulous childhood with lots of friends and fun. What are your thoughts on this? Any recommendations for a 24 year-old sister?

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