Confessions Of A Donna Martin Super Fan (Part Three)

By now we all know I love me some Donna Martin! I broke down her hair and her fashion. Now, onto my 3rd Confession Of A Donna Martin Super Fan (and probably the #1 reason why I love her): David Silver.

Oh, Donna and David. Their entire story line gave me butterflies growing up. I wanted to be Donna and David. When I was 16, I saw Brian Austin Green (forever known to me as David Silver) at a resturant in LA. I started hyperventilating and followed him for an hour after he left the restaurant. Obsessed much?! If you loved 90210 as much as I did, then you know their relationship was an emotional roller-coaster. Sometimes good and sometimes bad, I’m gonna break it down, show you guys some of their best moments, and why they were the BEST on screen duo! Eat your heart out Brenda and Dylan!!!

1. D + D’s 1st kiss and Xmas Dance

It was so magical, even in the car before they went in!

2. Donna & Ray and Donna & Griffin

Even though there were some other relationships,  no one ever compared to D+D.

3. Rapist Garret Slan

Remember how David kicked down the door right in time to save the day?

4. D+D in the Marina

D+D in the Marina when she so graciously ran back into the arms that loved her the most.

5. D+D’s wedding

Together forever at last. Their most magical day ever!

Featured Image Photo Courtesy of Oh No They Didn’t!

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