Confession of the Week: I've Never Seen Star Wars

Now, I could see that this wouldn’t be a big deal to some people.  Some of you are probably reading this thinking, “…and I care because?”  But I know the truth.  I know that the minute I make this confession, most of you start to judge. And why shouldn’t you?  Star Wars defined a generation.  It made kids obsessed with the movies.  I’m sure it did more but since I’ve never seen it I can’t speak to the power of the film –  I’m not that much of a poser.

I’ve spent years trying to avoid the subject.  When Star Wars comes up in conversation (which is always does somehow) my heart starts to beat a little faster.  I get a little sweaty.  I mean, people are about to find out the truth … that I’m a movie fraud.  That I’ve never seen one of the greatest trilogies of all times (it’s a trilogy, right?)  Sometimes I just make small talk and nod along with the convo.  I’m not an idiot – I can talk about Princess Leia like the best of them.  Sort of.  I can talk about her hair.  That’s enough, right? But really, I have no idea what on earth you are all talking about when you start to get into the Wookiee of it all.

So why don’t I just watch Star Wars?  Because (and this is the real confession) … I just don’t want to.  Nothing about the movie appeals to me.   I know it’s supposed to be the perfect movie, but the Bible is supposed to be the greatest story ever told and I don’t feel like cracking that one open either today.  Light sabers were just never my thing.  As everyone else was busy recreating Luke’s battles, I was busy recreating the choreography from Newsies.

Today, I write it for everyone to read – I have never seen Star Wars.  If you want to judge me, go ahead.  I’m secretly judging you for having never seen Grease or Pete’s Dragon.  Now those … those are my jam.  So sue me.

** I have though seen the Ewok Adventure.  Now those guys were cuties.

  • Melissa Ng

    I’ve never seen star wars either and I’m from George Lucas’s hometown..

  • Edward Santiago

    I’ve never seen The Big Lebowski or Scarface… But I’ve seen Forrest Gump and Swingers.

  • Lorehorrible Ciora

    i was honestly never that big into star wars until i saw the originals in their entirety a few years ago. now i freaking love them. i don’t care for the prequels (the new ones) so much, but definitely give the originals a chance. i don’t think you’ll regret it.

  • Jess Bender

    I think my seeing the final prequel has left a bad taste in my mouth and I never want to see another Star Wars movie again (I KNOW the originals are supposed to be better, but whatever). I have a similar thing with the James Bond collection after sitting through the awfulness that was Quantum of Solace.

  • Kelly Wuyscik

    I’ve never seen Star Wars either. Most people stare at me like I just confessed to murder when I tell them that. It is, however, a great tidbit for “two truths and a lie” if you ever play it. You’ll win almost every time.

  • Victor Saltykov

    go watch the Neon Genesis Evangelion movies its real in right now because of all the space stuff. Not all the movies are out yet so you even have time to catch up! plus you would be perfect to cosplay Asuka
    Serenity the movie is also good
    and Princess Mononoke

  • Victor Saltykov

    don’t let the fact that its a cartoon fool you Neon Genesis is really good and cartoons are better at telling stories because you don;t have to see the emotions in peoples faces

  • Jenny Lonussen

    I’m with you, I’ve never seen it I don’t get the appeal and I’m not interested in seeing it either. People do usually stare at you like you’re some kind of freak when you say you’ve never seen it. (well I Think it’s because of the confession, it is, right?! LOL).

  • Joanna Boese

    I’m gonna get it out of the way…I love “Star Wars”, but I never cared to see “Titanic” or “Avatar”.

  • Savannah Morey

    i have never seen sw either- i thought i was alone!

  • Erin Miuccio

    So sad. :( You really should see it. btw… I’ve also seen Newsies, Grease, and Pete’s Dragon – even though I’ve seen Star Wars. 😉 I totally try to follow the coreography in Newsies as well! Spot Collins was my childhood crush. lol

  • Leah Lopez

    Much to learn, you still have. Han Solo should be enough for you to watch at least one of the movies. FIRST CRUSH.

  • Anna Dobben

    Newsies! It’s coming to Broadway, I’m super pumped.

  • Kate Hastings

    I’ve never seen Star Wars… or Fight Club. Oops. Love Newsies, though!

  • Laura Aboyan

    My friends actually forced me to sit down and watch the 3 original Star Wars movies. I would do anything to have that 6 hours of my life back. The movies bored me to tears.

  • Sílvia Juncà

    I Love Star Wars AND Grease :)

  • Kelsey Leigh Warner

    I LOVE Star Wars(Classic Trilogy only). I also have seen Grease and Pete’s Dragon and both of them Rock!

  • Lauren Leigh Scharf

    I didn’t see a single star wars film until i was 2 years into my film degree….i’ve graduated now and I still haven’t seen godfather, jurassic park, or any kubrick film.
    So what, who cares?

  • Ana Raquel Romão

    I’ve seen Star Wars. I like it, I really do. But if you’re going to bring Pete’s Dragon and Grease to the table…fine, I love Grease. I love it to bits and I know every single song and every single line.
    (my confession: I’m an atheist and I’ve read the Bible…)

  • Jasmine Nicol

    I’ve never seen Star Wars…I tend to fall asleep whenever it comes on.

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