Confession of the Week: I Love J.Crew

I Love J.Crew.  There, I said it.  It’s out in the internet for everyone to Google.  A huge weight as been lifted off my back as I write this.  You see, for years I tossed and turned about my style.  Why didn’t I have more of it?  Why didn’t I understand how to make crazy outfits like the cool kids?  And then one day I strolled into J. Crew and the truth hit me like a thousand pound brick.  I have style.  And my style is the stuff that preppy kids dream of.  My style may not make heads turn on the mean streets of LA or NYC, but it’s sure a hit in Connecticut or Martha’s Vineyard.

For years I would try to act like I belonged at the flea markets or vintage stores.  But really, all those places do is make me break out in hives.  It always feels like a thousand hip eyes in thick glasses are staring through me knowing my secret – that I don’t understand how to put together their outfits.  Yes, I would sometimes purchase a dress or two.  Perhaps even an old pair of cowboy boots.  And then they would sit in my closet, never to be worn.  Hopefully they’ve been scooped up at Goodwill by people who will love them.

So today I am laying to rest my fantasies about throwing together an outfit that would grace the pages of hip blogs like this one.  Today I am proudly owning the fact that I love catalogs that boast freckle-faced models wearing v-neck tees and corduroys that make me dream of fall.  I may always get a pang of jealousy when I see my friends and their funky style rock vintage … but you know what?  I’m rocking a headband and a cardigan.  What can I say?  I love the classics.