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Visiting a color psychic is one of the best things that's ever happened to me

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Before I met the lovely Leticia Sanmarti, I had a lot of questions. After all, we’d never met in-person and we planned to meet up in a park on a Sunday… so I could ask her even more questions. Before our appointment, I wanted to learn as much as possible about Leticia and her gift: the ability to communicate through color. 

Back in 2009, Leticia began her journey as a nail technician in West Hollywood. “I would feel as if my soul just craved certain colors and then suddenly it would change, as if I was done with that color. I have always been highly sensitive, but I really noticed how much color made me feel better, like spiritual medicine,” Leticia revealed to HelloGiggles. “I had a few clients who talked to me about chromotherapy and chose their nail colors based off their wants and needs in their life at the time. So I began doing the same.”

Then, in 2013, her path took a turn (as paths tend to do). Leticia explained that this is when her medium abilities blossomed, when spirits would wake her up in the middle of the night. “I would fall back asleep and felt as if I had colors covering me with information,” she continued, painting an ethereal picture.

Prior to my very own reading with Leticia, she educated me on how a color reading is performed.

On one hand, it can be done with a deck of color cards, allowing the medium to quickly focus on a certain subject while the universe communicates to her through the colors in her deck. And on the other hand, such a reading can be conducted during a session that involves Leticia drifting into a colorful trance. I witnessed the latter in-person — though Leticia typically conducts her sessions via text, which works in tune with her gift because “energy does not know time or space.”

“Through color sessions, I am able to communicate with the spirit realm,” mentioned Leticia. “Loved ones who have left the physical world may step forward, as well as spiritual guides or angels. During these sessions, I am shown my client’s color energy aura.”

Depending on what her clients want to focus on, Leticia will adjust her session to help them receive closure, guidance, or encouragement. “For example, a client may be overly emotional and I see their life as distressed. Their loved ones will suggest yellow be worn, eaten, or visualized for joy and more logic — which shifts the aura,” she divulged, adding that she also has the ability to show her clients the color of their aura/energy fields. This specifically allows Leticia to grasp where her clients are spiritually, mentally, and emotionally in their lives.

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